Friday, 8 February 2008


So, Thick As Thieves (charming fellows, by the way) kicked off their new night Voodoo, at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen, last night in fine form. I have to admit, i arrived a little late, getting there as third act Mummdance where halfway through their set, though hearing Tapedeck's mix of Atlantis To Interzone slamming in as I was queuing to get in did get me excited and the rest of the set passed in the usual fashion, slamming electro to the last. It was then things changed, out of nowhere The Bugs storming Skeng dropped in and the heaving bass certainly got heads rolling! BBO$$ took over from there, taking us through some low-end, rolling dubstep before mixing that into Partyshank remix of Late Of The Pier's The Bears Are Coming and getting back into the electro spirit of things before Lillica Libertine took over. Man, has this guy come a long way since i first saw him DJ around a year and half ago. he brought a level of professionalism to the night, which had arguably been lacking previously (not to detract from the previous DJs, more to point out that Lillica of morphing into something special) with killer mixing and track selection that really got people onto the floor and generally just going for it. Well done sir, Thick as Thieves then took control of their own party with a great fun set of killer tunes that kept the party going right to the close. fun, fun night with everyone up for simply having a great time and leaving the pretentiousness that's perhaps springing back into the scene in some places, at the door... or home, massive grins all round was the general theme of the night. I went on my own, and left with many new friends, having heard cracking tunes on a great soundsystem all night. Basically, you remember those housepartys you had that were some of the of most fun you ever have. That's definitely a vibe i was feeling last night, dance as if no one is watching. That sort of thing. Yeah?

Admittedly, there were a few teething problems, a communication breakdown led to Lillica thinking he was playing a DJ set though he was listed as live and the short time span from conception to reality (two weeks) left little time for promotion so it could have been busier. However, the next one is in early April, so plenty of time, and the line up is looking set to be pretty great! So, why not check it out and party with people who are looking for pure, unadulterated fun. Cheers guys, i'm in.

I think this tune sums up the night for me, especially as it was the only one that got hammered out a few times and never failed to keep bodies moving.

Radioclit - Divine Gosa (Switch remix) (Also available in Brodinski)

Seemingly the guys have decided to move the next forward a little as well. The next Voodoo is now on the 21st February, hope to see some of you there.




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