Monday, 21 May 2007

Crushingly delightful.

Having finished university, i figured i'd take the opportunity to go
home for the first time in five or so months and relax before the
delights of Dollop and
Dot to Dot
next weekend. It's also a good time to save a bit of
much needed cash.

Anyway, after my taxi didn't turn up
and i missed my train i was a little irritated and had an hour and a
half to kill before the next train. So, of to Selectadisc i traveled thinking this time i'd
explore my roots a little rather than head straight in and picking up
the new Chromeo 12" and such like. Sticking to the downstairs area i figured i'd look for one of Nottingham's finest (sadly now defunct) bands, Iron Monkey. Around at the turn of the millenia Nottingham's Iron Monkey are one of, if not the, finest sludge metal act to have graced the planet and are frequently referred
to as possibly the heaviest band EVER. Put simply, they sound like Like
Black Sabbath if they'd been a lot angrier and had spent the last
thirty odd years stewing in tar rather than acting as drug dustbins
with Motley Crue . Sadly, after only two albums they split, and though
the members went on to form more bands, none have reached the same
levels of influence as Iron Monkey, though the likes of Dukes of
Nothing (also now defunct)and Capricorns
(still going and great) are still verydsserving of your ears. Singer
Johnny Morrow, who went on to become a founding member of Murder One
died unexpectedly after their first gig in 2002. R.I.P. Johnny. Anyway,
after searching, i finally found a special edition copy of their second
album, "Our Problem" which come as a double package with their classic
first LP "Iron Monkey" and guess what, it's one of the best metal
records i've heard for a while and it's a good 6years old. It's bands like this that make me not want to leave Nottingham.

As a smapler, my favourite track:

Iron Monkey - House Anxiety

Before i'd picked out

Before finding that however, i'd been eyeing up a copy of, Godflesh legend, Justin K. Broadrick's new opus with his current incarnation, the formidable Jesu. Infamous for his mastery of crushing industrial (no, not in the Nine Inch Nails sense, acctually good and as heavy as the sound of grinding machinery) he has sinced moved into slightly more paletteable territory with Jesu. this is not to say he's lost any of his heaviness, don't get me wrong, listning to Jesu is still frequnetly the aural equivilent to having an elephant sit on your chest, but with it has come a lighter touch as well. Beautiful melodies soar across and above the industrial grind, creating some of the most moving music i have heard in a long time, music with genuine feeling to it. The new record, Conqueror, has taken Broadrick even further along this path. Full of melancholic beauty it is, at times, like the soundtrack to witnessing an angel full of despair, weeping on the ground. Still there also is the crushing intensity that binds it alll together and helps gaige the snse of despair. Yet, somehow, through all this he somehow manages to instill an incredible, uplifting feeling into the music, testament surely to Broadrick's incredible talent.

One of the lighter moments from the album, a quite stunning track,

Jesu - Mother Earth

Jesu - Conqueror

Perhaps a slightly odd change in direction, but i think we've covered a lot of electrro since our inception in late March/early April and i though it was time i showed another side of my musical character.
The Iron Monkey track, i have to admit, will most likely not appeal to many, though any fans of Sabbath may do well to investigate as the influence is quite audible.

Jesu, however, i think might be deeply enjoyable to the discerning music fan among you. Anyone who counts themselves as a fan of the "post-", shoegaze, experimental etc gernres may be highly intrigued by them. Think of bands such as Godspeed, Pelican, Isis, Battles, Cave In and most bands encroaching upon the heavier end of post-rock and any industrial band since Godflesh were formed, as they will all have been influenced to some degree by Justin K. Broadrick.


Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Plastic Cowboys Mixtape No #1

Miss Odd Kidd - Weed, Wine and Wankers (SLUTTT Bust in Ur Face mix)
Simian Mobile Disco - Sleep Deprivation
Bolt Action Five - Tree Friend Tree Foe (Cleft Palettes rmx)
Riot in Belgium - La Musique
Suspersystem - Miracle
Le Rave Era - Flushing Meadow
Klaxons - Golden Skans (Switch Remix)
Bobmo - Home Alone
Guns n' Bombs - Crossover Appeal
Passions - Emergency

This, it would seem, is the first Mixtape (of sorts) by The Cowboys. Putting together a mix of tracks, artists and remixes we love at the moment or think deserve to be/will be huge. Mixing up a variety of artists from London, further afield in England, to Paris and more, I think everything here is on it's way up, outside of Klaxons obviously, though the Switch mix here is unreleased as for some reason no label seemed to want it and it almost became an utter myth before the kind people behind Electric Zoo (I think) picked it up and got it out.

Dropping a couple more links in order that every artist/remixer is covered here:

The Cleft Palettes


Bolt Action Five Blog



Dav & Chuck

Monday, 14 May 2007

I love my bed

The weekend was pretty epic, ergo, i've been in bed a lot hyping, ergo, a couple of bits and pieces to share with you.
First up, just got the new mstrkrft remix off, this is so fresh it's got Pete Tong talking over it, still definately worth a listen though!

Justice - D.A.N.C.E (mstrkrft remix)

You can buy more Mstr Krft stuff here or here!

The video to the original is pretty cool as well and makes the blog look all nice and pretty.

(A robot friend of mine hyped me the leak of Justice's new album last night as well. I'm sure its pretty illegal, there will be some posting at some point, just when i'm sure we won't be sued)


Keeping on the French theme (as usual) Teenage Bad Girl, who have been doing the blog rounds for quite a while, released their debut LP last month on Citizen Records and is definately worth checking out. They've got a really dark, dirty and typically French electro sound. A nasty piece of filth to get your rocks off to. Here's a couple of tidbits to get you hyped up.

Teenage Bad Girl - Tales From The Pigs

Teenage Bad Girl - Cocotte (Boyz Noise rework)

Buy Cocotte here!


Another band that I (and everyone else it seems) am really excited about is NYC based Battles (not to be confused with shit brit-indie rock act Battle). Battles have a got a really unique sound that on paper really should work, but sooo does. Dirty drum beats, and weird squarky vocals, mixed in with what seems like about a million other instruments. Their debut LP was out on monday, so hype this shit up and get your own copy!

Battles - Atlas

Battles - Ddiamondd

Buy here, here or here.


One last thing that it think deserves a mention is fellow blogspot, DJs ABX and DJ STV SLV have made a trade of mashing up some really unlikely tracks, namely electro/indie with gangster rap. You really wouldn't expect it to work, but more often than not it really does.

A couple of my favourites:


DJ STV SLV - We Share Our Mother's Jumper Cables


ABX - That's That Whirlwind

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Institubes, France and that.

It would seem that French label Intstitubes, otherwise known as the home of electro genuises Para One and Surkin, have come up trumps again with their new singning. Youngster, only 19, Bobmo has just had his first release put out by the label, and it's pretty special. While he may only be young, he's certainly going to be a big player within the next year it would seem. Just look at the rise of Kissy Sell Out and you'll see what i mean. I dont know what it is about France at the moment but it seems the country can do very little wrong in terms of creating and releasing absolutely cracking dance music. Anyway, a little taster of what's to come with this new wonderkid:

Bobmo - To The Bobmobile

He's also playing this Friday at the Modular party in London with Late of the Pier DJs, so if you're around you know where to go!

Another, obvious example of France's bang on the money output is, of course, the Ed Banger and in particular, Wunder-duo Justice. With D.A.N.C.E. out in the shops as of April 23rd (though i'm yet to see evidence of this, maybe i'm just too slow off the mark) and an album on the cards for the summer (June or July are therumors) along with fellow electro fiends Simian Mobile Disco, Digitalism and Uffie, they seem to able to do no wrong at the moment. Catch them in may at Fabric (check the listings) with The Chemical Brothers and on June 9th at Firefly with Speedy J (nasty techno, perhaps in the vein of Paco Osuna who played at the last event with Ivan Smagghe) and Busy P (you know him, right?). In celebration of me finally getting the chance to see Justice, this was linked to me by a friend, check it out. A new Justice track, supposedly off the album, though in is going to be changed for the album so think of it as a promo... Anyway, it features everyone's favourite little French temptress, Uffie and sounds like:

Justic - The Party (featuring Uffie)

Lastly, thanks to Hianta from the wonderful Fluo Kids The Tough Alliance have pretty much become my band of they year (or should that be last year as that's when the album was released...?), anyway, they're still an amazing pop band and by all rights deserve to be a lot better known. With seemingly very bizarre lyrical content (songs about having cola in your veins anyone?) my favourite track off the album seems to be about a hard life in kitchen... or something. Check it out anyway:

The Tough Alliance - In The Kitchen

See you around,


Sunday, 6 May 2007

Quick recap...

Right, aquired some tracks that have been mentioned, but unavailable. So, back to The Tough Alliance a track from their rather good New Waves ep:

The Tough Alliance - Silly Crimes

Then, a preview of Late of the Pier's amazing second single. Though this is only going to be here a short while (like i said, a preview) as i believe that it is being released fairly soon, so check it ut then see if you can be one of the lucky few who magage to get hold of copy. It's rare stuff, may be quite an item when they're MASSIVE!

Late of the Pier - Bathroom Gurgle

And finally, what i think might be my favourite Klaxons remix. prime example of the genius of London Duo, Tapedeck. They have a myspace HERE with some other wicked mixes, like the Kate nash - Caroline's a Victim which is just as ace. They also run a clubnight in London, Old Street called BOSH at the Old Blue Last. Ever around In London on a Friday go and check it out, it's about a fiver in and they always get great stuff there.

Klaxons - Atlantis to Interzone (Tapedeck Aiyia Napa To Interzone Mix)



p.s. I have noticed that a lot of links seems to be coming up "not found" so next post is going to include a list of them that, hopefully, will. Out.

Nights out in Nottingham

Deserve a mention, mainly because some of them are totally ace. Today shall be concentratin, perhaps mainly, on Fresh Out of Death and also Dollop. I reckon these are possibly two of the best nights out in Nottingham at the moment, depending on your tastes of course. Drum and Bass/dubstep fans are likely to get their kicks out of the detonate nights and pure techno heads are going to be all over firefly with Braks fans the same with the lovely spectrum. But they're all very established.

Firstly, the more established of the two nights, Dollop has been running for two years now at the social and has put on quite the array of acts over these two years, from the just past Man Like Me extravaganza, !!! djs, resident D'lex, Goose FC Kahuna and Ed Banger favourite,Uffie. Not to mention the massive Digitalism heading up the Dollop stage at todays MASSIVE Detonate indoor festival. TO be honest, i'm not quite sure how these guys have managed to get some of these artists playing at the farily small venue of The Social (Pelham Street, just off market square) without having queues stretching sizable distances, my conclusion being that people are either lazy, working far too hard or aren't hearing about the line-ups...

Anyway, the night has never failed to anything less than great fun with general party vibes all round you're going to struggle not to enjoy this one, so why not get up and head down to the Social on May 25th for the Vice party there with Mr. Flash , Friendly Fires and Nottingham's own Late of the Pier (DJ set i believe, come check out Faley's new skills!) and Nightmoves and have a post (or mid) exam party. You know it's the best way to not only have a great night, but to get in the mood for the Dot to Dot festival happening on the 27th.

Fresh Out Of Death is a new night in Nottingham, based in Stealth, celebrating all things techno and (mainly) electro. With only two nights under it's nelt so far it has has already been a resounding succes. Whilst the first night was perhaps not as busy as one might like, it was still a full on party and those who ventured out had a wicked time with London's Zombie Disco Squad and from the epic BOSH! night at the Old Blue Last in Old Street Tapedeck. By the time they hosted their second event, however, word seem to have spread that this was the place to be and it was nice and busy and the dancefloor was rammed until the early hours with people dancing themsleves stupid (though my memory fails me slightly, nailing aftershock after too much beer seems to create a hazy veil over it). With their third instalment coming up this Friday the inside of stealth is being turned into an '80s computer game wonderland and will have to be seen to be believed and to follow up on the 8th of June we're being treated to DJ Mehdi (Ed Banger) as well as Punks Jump Up and Nightmoves (both on Kitsune, both great, links to both on the kitsune myspace) as well as locals Late of the Pier (again, DJing i believe...). And if all this doesn't tempt anyone, they also give away tonnes of free crap on the door, including mix cds, glo sticks, fluoro masks amongst other things. So come down, to both, it beats sitting around in your grimey local and have a shit load of fun, then go back again and again!



Thursday, 3 May 2007

This and that...

Having been, well, reasonably quiet (last two posts aside) over the last ten days or so, i'm feeling a bit itchy fingered and feel like writing some more. This time it's, going to be good and bad list of recent times, like the last week or something. Who knows, it may even become a regular feature...

Anyway, the good:

1) Getting the Tough Alliance Album "The New School" direct from the label when no one else i asked seemed to be able to get hold of a copy (selectadisc included) and them also throwing in the new Embassy singleand a shiny badge for free. Love it. It's also a great album. Anyone likes them and wants more details, just ask.

2) The Cleft Palettes remix of BAF's Tree Freind Tree Foe. Basically because it employs most of my favourite things in one slamming mix.

3) Man Like Me kicking out an awesome set, giving away free t-shirts, wearing a fez and performing half a song with no trousers.

Bad stuff:

1) Handing in a dissertation but still having 9000 words of other essays.

2) Not being able to see Digitalism rock the Detonate indoor festival. (see above)

3) Having missed Coachella due to my dissertation.

Weird week. Here's to the next one being over and some serious partying at Fresh out of Death (ZOmbie Disco Squad. Woop!) and Does it offend you, yeah? at Stealth Vs. Rescued.



P.S. NME slate Does it offend... 's new single for sounding too like daft punk. 1) Is this a bad thing and 2) Why is it alright when digitalism do it. (I know Digitalism are better/more established than DIOYY? but fuck it, they still rock. And anyway, Se7en sounds far more Oizo influenced anyway...

Tuesday, 1 May 2007


Fame has found me, finally! Acctually, not strictly true. Bolt Action Five have, though, now got a nice, shiny (lies again, camera phone in a dark stealth means interesting green effects...) picture of me on their blog at HERE which IS nice and shiny and has some fun downloads for all to enjoy, recomendations go in paticular to the Cleft Palettes and Princess Superstar remixes of their first single "Tree Friend Tree Foe" and, ofcourse, their own maertial which is all ace.

Anyway, before this entire blog becomes a love for the afforementioned band, i'd like to drop a few words about some quality remixers doing the rounds at the moment.

First up, The Cleft Palettes are knocking out some quality mixes in a very bleepy computer game style that i'm pretty sure will sit well with fans of Crystal Castles and Surkin's bleepier stuff (see "Otaku" here). Check out the afforementioned Bolt Action mix (to be put up at some point) which keeps all the nasty, scuzzy metal-esque elements of the original and adds some filthy drums along with what might be the best synth line this side of Van Halen's "Jump", simply, you can't not check these guys out. Word on the street is that they are going to start reeling off tracks of their own in the near future which greatly excites the NES fan in me. To top it off they're also rocking dancefloors accross the capital and generally being pretty savage. Go HERE for more, and possibly downloads, my memory has failed me on that front.

Anyway, that remix, Bolt Action Five - Tree Friend Tree Foe (The Cleft Palettes remix)

Next up would be the charms of Sluttt, who i found recently through a paticularly fantastic mix of the already great "Weed, Wine and Wankers" by the lovely Miss Odd Kidd. Turning a great track into a slamming electro/grime monster is always a good thing in my books and she does this kind of thing fantastically well. See also her mix of The Teenagers "Homecoming" which she also turns into something utterly devastating! More at her myspace page

Closing credits go to red Foxx who has been doing wonderfull work with mid-90s electronica such as Olive and Everything But The girl (you know you love this stuff) an giving them a cutting edge touch whilst mainting the values of the original track. Great stuff. Myspace is up at this address unless i've made some kind of horrible error. Either way, it's still the shit, so get on it and get into it.

keeping it livid,


the other half...

It's about time I had my two cents, I shall stand in Chuck's shadow no more. It's been a bit of an epic weekend. Dissertations in thursday, meant Chuck and I were out scaling the walls of Nottingham once again. We kicked off with Dollop @ The Social on Friday night, Man Like Me tore it up, supported by the digital skills of D'Lex, Bigger than jesus and dem bhoys from Fresh Out of Death. Wicked atmosphere in The Social as per, with Man Like Me doing the whole 'north London geezer in a fez' routine, which I have to say worked for me. Furthermore my balls are tingling in anticipation of the Dollop room at next weekend's 'Detonate Indoor Festival'. I'm gunna do laps basically; the line-up is headed-up by Digitalism and supported by the likes of Nightmoves (Kitsune) and Miss Odd Kidd. Off the hook anyone?
So yeah, the night was pretty shameless, finishing with a bit of a do back at mine.

A couple of appropriate tid bits:

and of course

Kissy Sell Out - Get Ready For The K-Hole


The fun continued into saturday. Pre-lash in 'the circus' saw the plastic cowboys (mostly Chuck, sorry about that mate) take the decks for the first time. Humble beginnings perhaps but we all have start somewhere.
Later we moved on to firefly for Ivan Smagghe and friends, the weekend hit terminal velocity. Smagghe did not disappoint, I can't really write in detail about the set because quite frankly, I was pretty fuct. However I was certainly left with a pleasant taste in my mouth, and the crowd seemed to be loving it. Paco Osuna followed him up with a really dirty techno-ish set. Not too techno, but techno enough to get your rocks off. The usual firefly DJs rounded things off competently, although some motherfucker player Billie Jean at some point?!? What the fuck was that about? All in all an epic weekend.

Next weekend....
The aforementioned Detonate Indoor Festival is on at stealth on sunday, which if you like DnB will be amazing! If like me you don't it will still be amazing. Also Fresh Out of Death on Friday night downstairs in the social. Pretty much the coolest night around these parts at the moment.

So yeah that's about it from me really...

A couple more tid bits to keep you happy. The Teenagers video for their track Homecoming. This track has been remixed by just about everyone mostly because it's fucking cool. The video isn't much different and although it's been posted about a million times all over the place, here it is again!!

Also another Kissy sell out remix. I'm sorry I feel like I only listen to Kissy Sell Out, but he's just so damn good! This is probably my fave track at the moment.

Good Books - Leni (Kissy Sell Out remix)


this bumblbeez rmx of the Soft Tigers, nice bit of a summer track perhaps?

Soft Tigers - Maria (Bumblebeez rmx)

dav out