Monday, 30 June 2008

July 11th

Is Voodoo time! And this is set to be the best one yet, with a line up looking as follows:

Mystery Jets DJ

If you haven't caught wind of this lot by now you've clearly been hiding under a rock somewhere far away for about four years. Their second, Erol Alkan produced, album hit the shops recently along with a plethora of heavy singles to accompany it, all of witch are perfect remix fodder as the likes of Switch, The Shoes, Riton and Duke Dumont have already noted. Feasibly, this could become 2008's "Myths Of the Near Future". Oh yes.

>Mystery Jets - Hideaway (Switch Mix (in case you haven't picked it up yet...))

Andy George

The Hottest thing to come out of the UK since Daft Punk bigged up Kissy Sell Out. And not in terms of scene points. At the age of 21 this gentlemen is one of the best DJs you'll see around, his mixing is sublime (almost scarily good), his production work massive and his remixing equally so and is already lined up to play big sets in Ibiza all summer. Probably the set of the night to queue up for, challenged possibly though, by...

Andy George - Big Dipper (HiJack Remix)


Another upcoming UK producer/DJ who is turning everything he touches to solid gold right now. With a few singles on every DJs playlist right now and a Primary 1 remix which is already set to be in everyone's end of year top 10 mixes, this man can do no wrong and knows how to pack a punch on the decks as well. These two guys remind you that England is frequently at the forefront of musical innovation and their sets will show you why.

Foamo Summer Mixtape


Bristol's new producer extraordinaire, with an ever increasing and impressive list of official remixes under his belt and a pretty extensive production list to top it off, Plimsouls is going places... fast. . We're excited. Plastic Cowboys have been behind him for over a year, almost since day one and are very pleased to be helping bring to you only his his second ever London set.

Med Damon

Snap, Crackle and Pop's most sought after resident, it seems everyone wants this guy to play their party right now and, guess what, on the 11th, he's playing ours. Expect losts and lots of massive jacking house.

Youth Attack!!

Young upstarts from up north take big tracks and make them louder and more offensive. Awesome. See, their mix of LOTP's Focker for an idea of what they're about.

Late Of The Pier - Focker (Youth Attack!! Remix)

Shadow Dancer - Daytime Drinking (Youth Attack!! Mix)

Thick As Thieves

Voodoo's founders, and big name DJs in the making, these two are getting sets all round the counrty right now, and justly so. go download their Style Noir mix from the myspace page to see why.

Alongside all this, there is also:

Lost In Paris DJ set (Pure groove)
Robin Jessup (Campari Safari/Transmission)

You'll be able to find all of this, and more (yeah, that's right, there's more to be announced over the next couple of weeks as well) on 11th July at Last Days Of Decadence (formally Ditch Bar), 145 Shoreditch High Street. Come down and start the weekend in style with some of the Uk's fastest rising stars.

All details on the flyer below, note £3 guestlist. Message me if you're interest, email is on the blog, or facebook me hard.

See you there.




Saturday, 28 June 2008

People On Horses

Oh my god... I just got back home from a good old fashioned knees-up at 333 yesterday with Fresh Out Of Death Soundsystem and a load i stuff i can't remember watching. FOOD were great though, so no change there. Particularly enjoyed Sawtooth Sucka's 'Depressed Mode' which sounded absolutely massive! Caught Tapedeck, though Seb wasn't there i think and i could not tell you what they played. Oh well.
But yeah, People On Horses put the night on and a fine job they did too. One of the very few times i've actually enjoyed 333. It was a great line up, with live stuff from We Have Band, Battant, The Coolness and DJ sets from FOOD, Tapedeck and more. Looking forward to the next one already.

Oddly, they actually have cartoon heads, which i think makes DJing all the more ipressive...

Tonight is Together's first night since Turnmills closed down and they put on Fat Boy Slim and Chemical Brothers for the losing weekend. TOnight isn't quite as big, but i prefer the line up. We have Surkin, Busy P, DJ Medhi, Dusty Kid, justin Robertson, Boy 8-Bit and more. Basically, it's going to be awesome, despite my massive hangover, which is kicking along with the fact that i'm still a bit ruined from last night... Ho hum. Life in the East end eh? Anyhow, as a nod to tonight's awesome line up i thought i'd put up the Chewy Chocolate Cookies remix of DJ Mehdi they just sent out in the mail. Should be pretty gangsta, haven't even listened to it yet, it's still downloading. Word.

DJ Mehdi - Pocket Piano (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix)

Catch you tonight i suspect.



Monday, 23 June 2008

Big News...

Or something. This week PLSTC CWBYS T-shirts are finally unveiled in real, tangeable, wear them yourself format. I like this.

They're going to look something like this:

Which is super cool. I'm quite excited about putting mine on and probably never taking it off until i earn some money and do another batch ripping off MSTRKRFT, as above.

So to celebrate this fact i'm going to stick up my favourite tune of the moment which is...

Mystery Jets - Hand Me Down (Riton Remix)

and Fatihless - Insomnia (Raffertie's !WRONG! Bass Dub)

Acctally, they're not my favourite tracks at the moment. They're just ace, i think i'll write about my serious top tracks in individual articles or something. We'll see.

Hope you're all well.



Saturday, 14 June 2008


Went out for the first time in well over a month last night, which was thoroughly appreciated. And it's always good to hear the soundsystem at the end pumping out tune after tune. Last night we were hosted by Chew The Fat! which was ace, Punks Jump Up, Deadly Rhythm, Foamo and Rogue Element all absolutely smashed it, with PJU getting things going with an upbeat set of bouncy electro and house before Rogue Element took over and brought a lot of nasty house along with him the highlight probably being the dropping of DIM's Presets remix with pinpoint accuracy. Awesome. New wonder-kid on the block Foamo dropped in next and really dragged us into jackin' territory with big tracks such as his Primary 1 remix beofre Deadly Rhythm rounded things up in a similar fashion with their usual knack for getting the tunes just right. Not a bad first night back in the game really.

Tonight s all about 333 (never thought i'd say that!) with Midfield General, Andy George and, for his first ever London show, Plastic Cowboy's favourite, Plimsouls! Very cool. Get down there as it promises to be a big one.

Browsing Myspace yesterday, i finally got around to checking out a new tune by Raffertie called Antisocial. Listen to it and you'll see why, it's probably the bassiest piece of dubstep i've heard and it's the first such track he's written. Very cool.

Raffertie - Antisocial

'till next time,



Friday, 13 June 2008

Gun Club

Probably something that'll be familiar to any of you still based in the Nottingham area. London seems to on more of a Guns for show, knives for a pro" flex at the moment though.

Anyway, with that aside, Sinister records puts out another devastating trackwith it's next release, Sam Hell's rather excellent "Gun Club". Opening with the original, a rather exciting piece bass scuzzy, synth-laden electro-house that builds quickly to the main section of the song with plenty of tweaks and twurks that give bring a fairly acid-house edge to the song. It then drops away in the middle before slamming back in heavier than ever and sounding immensely brutal even over a stereo, i'd hate to think what this is going to to dancefloors...

Following it up, we have a mix form Hedflux which take the track a little deeper, whilst retaining the various edges of the original, leaving it still razor sharp.
Badlands probably walk away with the best mix of the package, as their distinctly wonky house version of the original is unrelenting it's attack and brilliance. Expect to see this in every self respecting house djs record bag soon.
Finishing us of is the Rektchordz mix, which a fairly nasty affair of heavy synths and a slightly broken beat running underneath leaving plenty of room for it to be dropped in any set, from breakbeat through electro and house and even perhaps the odd loud tech set.

Another magnificent example showing how one record can contain several different styles of music which would all fit in a wide variety of sets. This is probably going to be an essential piece of many sets across the summer months and beyond.




I Believe I May Be Of Service?

This summer the genius K7! records (of DJ-Kicks Series fame) has decided to pay tribute to the godfather of all things weird and pop, Mr. David Bowie. Not wanting to this to be a trite release of nonsense covers that these affairs usually are and failing to see the light of the outside of it's case, they have selected each artist for each song very carefully, and it looks like they may well have come up trumps. It looks something like:

CD Tracklist:

1. Au Revoir Simone – Oh! You Pretty Things 4.15
2. Heartbreak – Loving The Alien 7.15
3. Kelley Polar – Magic Dance (Harold and Baby O in Italy version) 5.15
4. Leo Minor – Ashes To Ashes 3.19
5. Carl Craig presents Zoos Of Berlin – Looking For Water 5.03
6. Drew Brown – Sweet Thing 2.53
7. Matthew Dear – Sound & Vision 4.24
8. Susumu Yokota – Golden Years 3.27
9. The Emperor Machine – Repetition 6.03
10. Joakim & The Disco – A New Career In A New Town 5.59
11. Richard Walters & Faultline – Be My Wife 3.26
12. The Thing – Life On Mars 4.35

LP Tracklist:

A1. Kelley Polar – Magic Dance (Harold and Baby O in Italy version) (5.15)
A2. Carl Craig presents Zoos Of Berlin – Looking For Water (5.03)
A3. Leo Minor – Ashes To Ashes (3.19)

B1. Heartbreak – Loving The Alien (7.15)
B2. Matthew Dear – Sound & Vision (4.24)
B3. Drew Brown – Sweet Thing (2.53)

C1. The Emperor Machine – Repetition (6.03)
C2. Susumu Yokota – Golden Years (3.27)
C3. Richard Walters & Faultline – Be My Wife (3.26)

D1. Joakim & The Disco – A New Career In A New Town (5.59)
D2. Au Revoir Simone – Oh! You Pretty Things (4.15)
D3. The Thing – Life On Mars (4.35)

I think i'd hit the vinyl version myself, but that's only because i'm into that kind of thing.

Oh, and my copy of Sissy Hits by the band with the greatest name ever, Dananananaykroyd came through the post today. Put simply, it's awesome. Go to the Holy Roar records Store now and order yourself a copy. If they'll let you. It's only five pounds and is a genius mixture of indie-pop and Black Flag-esque ferocious hardcore.

For a quick listen, here's an oldie, with a huge chorus riff and melodic indie verse that, is frankly better than almost any indie act proper you might care to name. Think Cave In Operahouse or some such jagged indie-pop merchants.

Dananananaykroyd - Some Dresses




Thursday, 12 June 2008

Jack(in') Beats

over the next 12 months or so.

It would seem i've come across my new favourite remixers of music. Who is it? Well, take one Scratch Pervert (Plus One) and one Mixologist (Beni G)and you get: JACK BEATS!

Jack Beats are absolutely slaying everything they touch at the moment, even making some of Does It Offend You, Yeah?'s particularly gash stuff sound epic. Taking snippets and vocal hooks from the originals and hooking them up with massive basslines and unhealthy doses of very wonky house. Seemingly going to be THE must have producers
Their absolute top track at the moment though is their remix of Boy 8-bit's "Fog Bank" which is, frankly, stunning and destroying dancefloors, PA systems and venues everywhere at the moment. Get it.

Boy 8-Bit - Fog Bank (Jack Beats Remix)

Eygyptixx have also been knocking out some interesting remixes over the last few months. Not seeming to want to be tied down to one style, they've gone a little bit Baltimore here and a little bit bass centered there, an come up with some interesting results.

DJ Nasty - Child Support (Egptrixx Tax)

Lil' Jon - We Don't Give A Fuck (Egyptrixx Bass Riot Remix)

Hope that's vaguely enjoyable.




Sunday, 8 June 2008

No Love Lost

Tomb Crew in the mix for the ever excellent NLLR Mixtape Project, with their array of dubstep, grime, electro, baltimore and such. Big tunes, big mix, go get it!

Tomb Crew NLLR Mixtape



Thursday, 5 June 2008


I've been quiet this week, as most of you probably already know, because i've been writing as the guest blogger for BreakThru Radio this week, which has been very fun indeed. And an opportunity i relished, resulting in five obscure ramblings across the pages of BreakThru, so my apologies to them!

Anyhow, i hope a few of you took the time to have a look at them as i really enjoyed writing them, it was kind of nice not to have to worry about what tracks to post along with each piece for a change.

On which note, here's a couple of big tunes i'm really digging at the moment.

Does it Offend You, Yeah? - Epic Last Song (Jack Beats remix) (more on Jack Beats soon, as he is kicking out some devastating remixes at the moment).

Sawtooth Sucka - No Letting go (Zodiac Cartel Remix) (Big, Jackin' and fidgiting all over the place, this is huge).




Sunday, 1 June 2008

Big Monster

I have a feeling that this is one of those albums that is going to go down as one that changed a genre for ever. The Breaks scene has seemingly been off the boil for a while now, and sensing this, Baobinga & ID have stood up and vowed to do something about it. This record screams of genre-bending originality from the off. Opening with what seems not so much of a song, but and statement, “Carve Your Name” instantly tells you that this is not going to be a stereotypical album. From the haunting drum under which the pulsating, ambient melody of the song slowly opens up and already you find yourself floating away on what promises to be a truly special journey. We’re swiftly thrown back into the thick of things though with “Recognise” which drops in like sounding like something that fidget-master Dave “Switch” Taylor would proudly call his own. Moving on, we are treated to elements of electro that outdo a lot big name acts on the scene, before moving through a touch of minimal before single “Jump Up Get Hype”, a breaks infused grime track with suitably grubby vocals form Virus Syndicate drops in to devastating effect. The second half of the album mixes electro-breaks and ambient interludes to great effect before closing on the stunning “Into The Air” which slowly builds and morphs into a beautiful piece of electronica that would sit happily alongside some of the more blessed out moments form Nathan Fakes incredible “Drowning In A Sea Of Love” record from 2005. Despite the range of styles on show here, never once does “Big Monster” feel contrived or forced which is testament to Baobinga & ID’s talent and foresight. These men and this record are destined to bring that breath of fresh air that the Breaks scene so desperately needs, and now, with the boundaries between genres lower than ever before, is the perfect time for them to strike.