Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Chewy Chocolate Cookies have once again sent us through more exclusive material and, excitingly, this time round it is an exclusive tease of what to expect from their forthcoming first ep release. After a few listens one can only surmise the short teaser is cuts from each track from the ep mixed together and the range of styles is quite exciting. Ranging from blissed out, hands to the sky synth lines to Crystal Castles style 8-bit destruction through vocoder antics almost up there with daft punk, all with a healthy dose of bass. This is going to be be worth a trip down the shop for i feel.


Promo Vid for EP

Also, Having been spending far too much money on t-shirts and jeans recently i stumbled across a rather nice little find on myspace. You Might Never Find Us A small UK based company who deal in limited runs of, quite frankly, pretty trendy t-shirts, jumpers and hoods. I wouldn't say it was unreasonable to describe the style of art as if So Me (Ed banger records artist, reckon you know his stuff) had come from Northern England.
Having got hold a shirt from them myself i can happily say that the look and fit great. seriously, go and investigate before they blow up and you can't get hold of their stuff for love nor money, So Me style. Remember being able to hold of the Ed Rec II fluo shirts? No? That's because you couldn't and chances are this stuff is going to go the same way.

And to accompany, i don't know how many of you caught the Ghetto Ruckus mix of Daft Punk, but he's got his own stuff out as well now, and it's fucking nasty. Anyone who's into disgusting bass should check him out.

Ghetto Ruckus - Commando Redial

I'm going to see Boys Noize finally this weekend with d.i.m. just make it even more special. I'm not entirely sure how i've never managed to see young Alex Ridha so far, i guess i must have been otherwise engaged whenever he's been playing. I know i was watching Para One liv eon NYE, which i think is a fair excuse as he fucking killed it!

Coming soon, a very unpleasant mix from Faggatronix. Clarke-Stafford, i'm looking in your direction for this. Reckon you might love it.

Anyway, i know i'll see some of you there, the rest of you i hope to catch soon.




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