Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Anyone going to see Hot Chip

Be sure to get there early and catch Matthew Dear (the alter ego of the minimal demon Audion). This'll just be a quick one as i'm off to bed, and stuck this on and though you might like to hear it. A beautiful piece of electronic pop transformed into something entirely more special (hard, matthew dear's album, Asa Breed, is fantastic) by the headliners of the tour, Hot Chip. In terms of blissed out stakes this is up there with the likes of You are here by Nathan Fake or some of the more swirly Boards Of Canda stuff, though, of course, it is a wildly different style of music.

See what you think anyhow.

Matthew Dear - Dom and Sherri (Hot Chip Remix)

This has also been turned into a serious, faintly minimal, club track by the delightful M.A.N.D.Y. (who have the honour of being the latest Fabric release). Also well worth a listen.

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p.s. SHould have Hot Chip's new album in a day or two. So a review will be up soon, for anyone who likes Hot Chip/trusts me.

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