Tuesday, 23 October 2007

....part 2.

Hmmm, well i suppose the best place to start this follow up would be with the start of last week and an old favourite of mine. Yep, you got it, Bolt Action Five. They played Rough Trade (East, off Brick Lane) Lazast Monday for the launch of their new double A-side Think Fast/Can the Freedom Regulate the Volume?, bboth of which are fucking ace tracks, but i believe the single is stricktly limitedf to 500 7" copies, so get onto your computer or down to your local record store and get involved with this little touch of genius yeah.

Bolt Action Five - Can the Freedom... (struggling to find the file for this, bear with me!)
Bolt Action Five - Think Fast (old live version)

Brodinski, ah where to start? I'm not entirely sure i know a lot about this guy, but he's pretty good (bore witness to that last thursday at Fabric) and is making a name for himself on the London Dj/remix circuit. Here he has outdone himself with a Fantastic remix of Klaxons' cover of Grace's It's Not Over. (Which i've only got recently got hold of due to reasons stated in the previous post). ANyway, he's turned a short pop song into an after hours rave epic, so go get involved.

Klaxons - It's Not Over (Brodinski remix)

Next, some old favourites of mine who seem to be getting a lot of attention lately, Holy Fuck. I first came accross this lot at Nottingham's Dot To Dot festival in 2006 and they blew me away, making stunningly beautiful electronic music using what seemed to be a bizare mix of "instruments", using everything from battered old synths and drum programs to childrens toys to accomplish their soundscapes. ANyway, set closer and generally all round amazing song "lovely Allen" was the highlight, and here it is, just for you.

Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen

Now we come to a band i have to admit to not liking at all, The Others. I think there are two reasons behind this, the music, which i simply never enjoyed and the singer effectively promoting use of crack, paticualry after shows around influential kids. I don't know what he's up to these days and kudos if he's amended his way, but i aways found that pretty fucking wrong. (sorry if that got a little preachy, but reading interviews with him used to make me quite angry).

Anyhow, as i mentioned, i was never a fan of the music, however dupstep producer/DJ Caspa has taken their track "Bushido" and produced an enchanting deep dupstep track out it. It's really quite a beautiful remix, please investigate! (I think it wqas pulled off a radio show sao there's some chatter over it, sorry. It's still awesome!)

The others - Bushido (Caspa mix)

In my recent trawles through my favourite blogs and such i found something i'd always kind of hoped for but wasn't sure it would ever come to fruition, Justoce remixing Klaxons, though looking back at it i suppose it was always bound to happen at some point. I did find the choice of track a little strange, and justice seem to have given it the pop treatment rather than the banger treatment, but it's definitely worth a listen, see what you think and leave feedback if you feel like it.

Klaxons - As Above, So Below (Justice remix)

And, as promised, some Tough Alliance material (which you probably all have already).

The Tough Alliance - Something Special

The Tough Alliance - First Class Riot

Oh, and maybe check this out, great band, great song, never hear anything about them:

Tiger Force - Syntax Error

(came out on ltd. 500 copies 7" with indivually hand painted covers. very nice!).
Tiger force Myspace

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Monday, 22 October 2007

What a month, part 1.

So i've been pretty buy over the last month, what with tryin to kove to London and having no computer for much of that time. Hence the extreme quiet on the blog front! This has meant i've felt ridiculously out of the loop for this period of time and have only started crawling back to some kind of knowledge of what is going on in the music world in the last few days! It's not all been a waste of time though, i have spent the last two weeks working for ATC Management, who are a top bunch of people, thanks a lot guys, i hope to see you all again in the future.

Firt off today, i want to talk a little about the Deadly Syndrome who i have been meaning to write about for, oooo, maybe six months now and never gtten around to it. And to be honest, there's still not a lot (or anything) i really now about them. You can visit they're homepage here - The Deadly Syndrome. Playing a stunning brand of indie that is incredibly beautiful. Songs like Eucalyptus are pehaps those that naysayers might write off as merely depressing indie nonsense. But this is the same kind of pointless and possibly ingnorant dismisal that irritates me in the same way as it does when people address it towards radiohead. Yeah, it's not the most upbeat thing in the world, get over yourself. It's still a fantastic song!

Anyway, yeah, check them out!

The Deadly Syndrome - Eucalyptus

I'd also like to touch on LA Priest briefly. During a swift chat to Dan the Carnivore (Of Bolt Action Five fame) i discovered that this name i've been hearing a lot recently is none other than Sam Eastgate of Late of the Pier notoriaty. Turns out that his solo stff is just as good as the LOTP band stuff. Songs such as "Engine" have all the energy of LOTP tracks but are clearly designed with one purpose in mind, slaying dancefloors rather than gig venues. Maintaining a simialr sound to that of his day band (innevitable i suppose as he is LOTP's principal songwriter) yet removing the harder, rock based influences and focussing purely on electro craziness, you can't help but throw some angles when this comes on. He also has a new 12" out soon/now, i imagine it's pretty limited so i'll race you to my grubby mitts on a copy!

LA Priest - Engine
LA Priest - Swing Youth

A quick nod to some of my favourites over the last 12 months, Tapedeck are currently working on new material, some of which is apparently going up this weekend so keep your eyes peeled for that, they've been doing some awesome stuff lately and have a remix coming up for Late of the Pier which i expect is going to fully grimey and very good! Anyway, what's really been rocking my boat over the last couple of weeks is their mix of The Secret handshake's Summer of '98. It definitely one of those tracks that you can't help putting on right before you go out as it it's so upbeat it really puts you in a great mood for the evening, thoughit's works well at anytime!

The Secret Handshake - Summer of '98 (Tpaedeck edit)

Oh, and go check out their lkabel, Meal Deal records, they've got some ace releases coming out soon! Including one from Nottingham's own Lillica Libertine.

Anyway, reckon that's enough for one post. Keep your eyes peeled for part 2 over the next couple of days when hopefully i'll manage to jot down some notes about brodinski and a remix of a band i hate, but has been worked into such a different style i love it!

take care,