Wednesday, 6 February 2008


Two vampire related pieces today. First, if you haven't already, go and see 30 Days of Night however you can. It's pretty terrifying, having the most realistic "Vampires" for a very long time. Don't stake it for some cheap Blade rip off, this film is far superior.

Second, Being as they have about as much buzz about them as Klaxons did back in the day, i figured it might be time to mention Vampire Weekend now that i have a copy of their album. Basically, it turns out, it's really rather good. I wasn't quite sure what to expect when i first investigated as i frequently find the net hyped indie band to be about as exciting as trying to claw ones way onto the London Underground at rush hour on a Friday, let alone want to go back for more. So i pleasantly surprised when i found myself listening to the self-titled debut from New York's Vampire Weekend. Released, possibly, at the wrong time of year as one feels that this is very much going to be unavoidable in parks all summer long, which i am definitely looking forward to. Though i other ways it is arguable that as winter is slowly waning and the sun appears more and more every week that an album such as is highly appropriate for the morning. I challenge you to walk down a sunny street on a warm afternoon listening to Oxford Comma without a huge grin spreading across your face, for instance. Though the same could be said for many of the eleven delightful, summery, indie-pop tracks on the record. Six weeks into the year and we already have a strong contender for one of the top albums of the year, expect to see this in A LOT of Best of 2008 lists. It will be. In the meantime, listen to Oxford Comma, then go an grab a copy. Not the most immediate record, but the hooks will keep you interested and after three or four listens i'm certain you will be, as i was, pretty hooked.

Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma

Radiohead - Exit Music (for a film) [Vampire Weekend Cover version]

I've also recently picked up the Hot Chip album, Made In The Dark which starts out a lot more dancefloor orientated than previous outings, which has some fantastic results. The opening salvo of Out at the pictures, Shake a Fist and Ready For the Floor is one of the best starts to an album i've heard for a while. It does calm down and become a lot more introspective after the first half of the album, but it is Hot Chip, not Crystal Castles, so one could hardly expect an album of dirty, bass heavy groovers. I can't honestly ay i know the record full well enough to say whether it surpasses the warning, but first few listens would certainly hint at that possibility. Another success for the Hot Chip boys then.

Hot Chip - Out At The Pictures

Another recent purchase is Beat Pyramid by Southend's These New Puritans. Coming in at a fairly hefty sixteen tracks, one soon fins that there is closer to around ten once you filter through all the interlude tracks. An interesting blend of New Wave, electro, pop and indie the album achieves varous highs and lows. first off, the Lows. I think this effectively encompasses the interludes (especially 4, an eight second track of silence. Why?). The songs though stand out, once you've worked around the interludes, are actually rather good. Opening tracks, Numerology (AKA Numbers) and Colours stand out, as do En Papier, Infinity Ytinifni and (my favourite) old track Elvis

These New Puritans - Elvis

Also, coming up this Friday: dollop with the rather good Kap10Kurt and Battant both playing live and the usual dollop residents all keeping feet bouncing in between sets and into the night. Come! It's at the Old Blue Last on Great Eastern Street and is completely free!



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