Tuesday, 27 January 2009


What is about France. I spent years listening to Hardcore punk and France rarely featured on my radar. I mean hardly ever to the point where i can not think of a single band from "surrender side" which i used to listen to back then.

Now, conversely, i don't seem to be able to retreat from the country's inescapable shadow. Yes, France would certainly seem to have the electro and pop market down to a fine art. I'm not quite sure who to blame for this, maybe Daft Punk? Regardless, i'm still going to sit here and revel in it.

I have, of late, been spending many hours listening to Minitel Rose. There isn't a great deal of information about them on their myspace page, but no doubt they have been around for ages and i'm running with the ball a bit behind the crowd on this. Either way, i'm not too fussed as they seem to have a knack for writing rather intriguing new wave pop tunes. Take "Magic Powder" for instance, a track that seems to based around a whistle. Now, i know Claude Von Stroke has proved to some degree that this can be a viable concept if you're good enough but two such songs in a couple of years. I think not. Except... "Magic Powder" is an absolutely brilliant and immediate piece of French-pop. Wonderful.

They have various remixes of bands such as The Teenagers and Of Montreal as well which are rather marvelous listens also.

Minitel Rose - Magic Powder

Of Montreal - gallery Piece (Minitel Rose Remix)

Much love,



Friday, 23 January 2009

Pete On Sunday

For the first, and most likely last, time I was in the MTV offices in Camden the other day for an exclusive screening of their up and coming documentary on Peter Doherty (which is being being screened this Sunday, which is the... 25 January I believe), and i have t admit to being surprised.

It was quite a long time before i got around to enjoying the music created by The Libertines, though these days i will certainly admit they had some great tunes. Though i felt they were by no means a life changing band, but each to their own i suppose.
Babyshambles, conversely, i immediately gave a chance having just come to the conclusion that maybe The Libertines weren't so bad after all. No luck, they have never done anything for me. At all.

When this is combined with all the negative press (i know one shouldn't really judge, but when someone has so much negative press it is hard to form a positive image of them within one's mind, and this stems from the biography of the band (his first band) written by a close friend of the guys) i just found Peter to be a fairly ridiculous, and possibly slightly pathetic figure, though also as a sad gentleman who has been betrayed many times and has a small, to the point of negligible, group of friends he can or could trust.

With this in mind, then, i found this documentary in which MTV filmed him in a twenty-four hour period leading up to a small catwalk show he was enlisted to partake in in a little Camden pub, a rather heartwarming experience. It is certainly an interesting insight into Peter and his life, when one doesn't take everything at face value and remembers that he is not quite the innocent child he frequently resembles across the course of the hour long show.

He immediately welcomes the MTV crew into his house, offering them tea, before beginning to show them around his countryside house. We are quickly regaled with stories of the house being haunted and of strange men living in his car, stories of which you can neve rquite be sure of the full extent of the truth, as there is always that change they have sprung form the imagination of the man in front of you. Though whether that would be the result of wanting to tease the crew or for or, potentially more sinister reason i shall leave for you to decide.

Peter comes across as a kind and gentle host as he tours us around the house, from his bedroom (now the cats') to spare rooms set aside for his kid and others. The house is in total chaos, of course, with one room, seemingly, being unsuitable for filming, of which we only see a slightly charred and limbless mannequin in the door way (i have since found from a neighbour that this has spent a certain amount of time hanging from the window of said room. Interesting... or weird?

We see hi prepare a little greeting for his friends coming to pick stuff up for the catwalk show and cut to the next day.
Six house to go, Pete is contactable to the people running the show (the catwalk show), as he skips, minces and cartwheels his way around the countryside surrounding his home and is seemingly destined to miss the show. I shall go no further than to say the documentary reaches an emotional, humorous and, occasionally, frankly bizarre climax.

Whether one hates, love or bears a benign indifference to this usually polarising character, this is an intriguing documentary into the life of a much maligned musician who is of great interest, on way or anther, to much of the world's music loving and journalistic communities. That aside, it is simply a rather wonderful piece of television, and one of which i could have watched hours more of.

Screening this Sunday, i suggest you watch.




Sunday, 18 January 2009

Ladyhawke and KiD COLA

After Radio 1 plays from Kissy Sell Out and Frankmusik labelling KiD his new favourite artist alongside an incredible amount of support from blogs, the latter part of 2008 was an incredible ride for KiD COLA.

On the back of this, 2009 sees KiD COLA starting afresh with a massive remix of Ladyhawke's "Back Of The Van", which utilises Pip Brown's pop sensibilities and KiD's knack for puling out great hooks, as well as massive house beats, wobbling synths and even some dubstep influence. One could be mistaken for thinking this was going to be a lighthearted indie re-edit, until a stab of low end leads into his trademark drum pattern and the bass slams in, leading to all kinds of dancefloor destruction and on to newer territories for this young producer who is refusing to duped into a

Ladyhawke - Back Of The Van (KiD COLA Remix)




Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Passion Pit

Passion Pit

Hmm, so this band have probably been blogged by everyone under the sun, so why bother about writing about them at all. Well, partly because i want to and partly becasue i want you to know about them now. There are no two ways about it, this band are absolutely fabulous and deserve nothing less than to be absolutely huge this year, and it seems that this is an utterly inevitable fate and we will simply not be able to escape them this year. I honestly think this bunch of young gentleman for Cambridge, Massachusetts (think Boston) are going to "be this years MGMT/Vampire Weekend/some other band who blew up in a ridiculous fashion in 2008".

Having been turned on to them late last year, i promptly looked them up next time i took seat in front of my computer and managed to pick up a couple of tunes off the record and a remix. Rest assured, as soon as i got back after Christmas the CD was on it's way to me from the States where has been put out by small independent label French Kiss, and have been snapped up by Columbia over here.

Coming across like something original that has been created out the sum of various influences and great big dollops of ingenuity. You can hear elements of acts such as The Postal Service, MGMT and other such lauded, successful and influential acts thrown into the mix. However, don't take this as a slight that they are mere copy cats riding into 2009 on coattails. No no. Having been discussing the lack of a MASSIVE breakthrough trend, really, since the strokes blew up and everyone decided they'd be cocks and make me listen to garage rock for far too long. Far too long indeed. Could Passion Pit be the ones to break dreamy synth-pop to the world? Feasibly. As soon as the swirly synth melody in "Sleepyhead" you'll be hooked, if you're not... i swear you have no soul, love of melody or sense.

This short, consisting of only six tracks, EP is an absolute delight to listen to, and seemingly didn't really crop on many, if any, end of year "Best Of..." lists, which surprises me frankly. Opening up with the mesmorising "I've Got Your Number", utilising hollow little clops and handclaps under synths which twist hypnotically around the vocal line, the record never lets up. "Smile Upon Me" flies by in a flash of rapid beats and then the charming "Cuddle Fuddle" comes in, all cheery keys and dreamy melodies. Live to the tale is prerhaps the song that The Postal Service never wrote which would have made "Give Up" a great record rather than a good, albeit, over played one (and NO, Nathan Fake does not sound like The smegging Postal Service). Better things flies by and suddenly you will find yourself listening to "Sleepyhead". Thought you heard Time To Pretend/Kids/Electric Feel/A Punk etc a lot last year. This song will be the bane of your lives in 2009, not due to the fact that there is anything wrong with it though. Quite the opposite in fact, this is the perfect single for optimism form the moment the looped vocal sample comes in, it is the perfect soundtrack for optimism in this new year, to the extent that you will find it, be in no doubt about this, being drilled into your ears day and night from the moment the press get hold of it and tell every silly sod who hasn't once listened to their own brain in regards to taste in music, to buy it. Not of course, that i'm any different, I just like to say it early-ish.

This a fabulously ethereal, dreamy, melodious and wonderful record, and please do but it, i can not urge you strongly enough.

As everyone else seems to be throwing up sleepyhead, i'm going to put up what is possibly my favourite track from the record (as my inner scenester knows that it won;t be cool to like sleepyhead in about two weeks, haha), "I've got Your Number".

Passion Pit - I've Got Your Number



Thursday, 8 January 2009

Another day, more music

First up today we have a cracking piece of electro from Mr. Vega. A preview of his upcoming debut album, "Dreamin' With The Lights On" is a straight up slice of fresh electro, offset by some great vocals layered on top of the gritty synth lines, bleeps and squeals. I'm thoroughly sold.

Mr. Vega - Dreamin With The Lights On
http://www. mediafire. com/?jtcdzmnavhi

Next, a brand new and exclusive mix from CTF!'s own Kid Blue. Heading into much more tech-house territory here. He has taken Merka's "Another place" and completely transformed it form it's electronica/breaks format into a completely different beast. I have a feeling this is the sort of thing we'll be hearing from acts such as Claude Von Stroke and Justin Martin the next time we have the pleasure of their company in the UK. More please Rory!

And finally, a big favourite of Mr. Andrew George, a brilliant piece of electro-house courtesy of Galactik Knights who have turned in a terrific remix of Kanye West's Workout Plan. The dance world is seemingly quite sold on Kanye's new album with it's heavy use of synths, vocoders and fidget's favourite rapper, Kid Cudi. It's in Andy George's top 10 tracks of now, i need say no more.

Kanye West - Workout Plan (Galactic Knights Remix)




Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Steel Riddles

Firstly though, Designer Drugs have kicked out another massive remix of Avian X's Dark Circles. Opening with a massive vocal hit, it quickly drops into a building, looped, synth line before the bass drops and leads us into a brief breakdown before the main drop kicks in, things get dirty and crowds, i suspect, go absolutely fucking mental. Very nice.

Avian X - Dark Circles (Designer Drugs)

We had the fantastic and long awaited new Guns n' Bombs single recently, and here's a rare thing to come with it. A good Para One remix. As much as i love Para One, i've never been overly impressed with his remixes. This, however, has pulled me around a bit and is definitely worth a listen.

Guns n' Bombs - Riddle Of Steel (Para One Remix)

Also, i hear Junior Senior have finally split properly and this means much more time for Guns n' Bombs related activity. Fucking sweet.




Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Fixed link

Jack beats link is fixed.

Project Bassline - Drop The Pressure (Jack Beats Remix)



Haus of Cards

I seemingly can;t avoid this native of Santa Ana, California, Dan Sena at the moment. This particular remix seems to be almost everywhere so i thought i'd jump on the bandwagon while it was still young a week or two ago, then completely forgot because i'm a useless shite.

Anyhow, it's one of the finer cuts of electro i've heard for a little while. Utilising an almost fidget-esgue wonky synth line to underpin the whole thing, other melodies stab in and out or float across the top. A fabulous remix!

Weird Science - Haus Of Cards (Dan Sena Remix)

Another heavy piece of bass has stumbled across my path of late, this one by NONEWYORk who seem to be making quite a name for themselves across the water at the moment.

Seemingly having been a touch disappointing in it's original format, MSTRKRFT's "Bounce" has spawned a slew of remixes, many of which are rather nice. NONEWYORK's wonky, filth-fest of a mix is definitely one of the stand outs, working the vocal well around a ridiculous bassline. One to drop midset and confuse people i feel.





La Mode

The Australian upstarts responsible for that massive P.Diddy remix that was 1) Awesome and 2) Inescapable have shot over a new mix they've done. This one got me pretty excited as they have taken on a track by The Shoes this time, and we love the shoes after their Primary 1 remix and "Knock Out" which were both massive tunes! Oh, and let's not forget their wonderfully melodious remix of Mystery jets "Young Love" also. Very good times indeed.

Anyhow, La Mode have, with this, taken the base of the original and turned it into a delightful little piece of electronic pop music. Nothing complicated, they have simply shown their understanding of what makes a brilliant pop track. And as, on a good day, you simply can not beat an upbeat piece of pop music to get your day on track I think this is a fantastic work.

The Shoes - People Movin' (La Mode Remix)

Also new out yesterday is Disco Wizards new piece which, frankly, is the biggest and best thing they have done yet in my opinion. A six minute piece of unrelenting electro that is likely to cause devastation wherever it finds itself. Be afraid.

Disco Wizards - Computer Box Michael




Monday, 5 January 2009

Human Attack

Yes, our lovely friends in Youth Attack have gone and made a full blown banger out of an old Human League track. Nice.

It's very loud with some nice wobbly little synth snippets over a barrage of pure electro brutality. We like. Lots.

Human League - Sound Of The Crowd (Youth Attack Remix)

We also have a Boy 8-Bit mix of Mujava. Yep, another remix. It's just turned into one of "Those" tracks, hasn't it, a la D.A.N.C.E. and such. Still, it's always kind of nice to hear in a set as that synth line is pretty darned catchy. It's not a hugely original mix, but i would say it is probably better than Sinden's effort.

Mujava - Township Funk (Boy 8-Bit Remix)

Oh, and Andy George has got grubby with Toddla T and the output is as typically wobbly, wonky and filth-like as one might expect, with an almost dubstep-esque break in the middle. Nice. Congratulations on more success Mr. George. We wish you all the best for the new year.

Toddla T - Manabadman (Andy George Refix)

Next post i'm going to totally sell out and post Crookers remixes.




Sunday, 4 January 2009

New Year

Time to get back on it I Think. What better way to start than a fresh slice of Jack Beats. This time they've taken on Project Bassline and have come out with something a bit different to their traditional bass heavy squelch pieces.

Check it.

Project Bassline - Drop The Pressure (Jack Beats 'Rinsed Out Rave' Remix)




Thursday, 1 January 2009


Good New Years everyone? Technically, I did not. Fortunately i was so drunk my many mishaps don't seem to have dulled my thoughts on the evening and i feel like a rather enjoyed myself. Nice.

Anyhow, as heads will be hurting today, i thought i'd start of the year by putting up some mellow folk in the shape of Jeffrey Lewis. I've finally found an old track of his I haven't heard for two or three years and have not been able to get hold of for love nor money. It's not quite Don't Be Upset, but it's pretty cool none the less. So see what you think.

Not quite sure what little Jeff is up to at the moment, but if you ever have the opportunity to go see him live, do it. It's a bizarrely different experience. And i'm quite hoping he'll have a new album out soon as City And Eastern Songs was one of the best records out in 2006 and 2007's 12 Crass Songs, where he reinterpreted, ronseal style, 12 Crass songs into his own style Marvelous!

Jeffrey Lewis - Flippity Floppity,

Jeffrey Lewis - the Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane

Jeffrey Lewis - Together We form Jeff

Note: This stuff is a bit more abstract than his more recent stuff. The production isn't great, but you can see why Rough Trade picked up on him back in 2001.

Happy 2009.