Friday, 27 March 2009

my favourite new dubstep person?

Yep, I know absolutely nothing about Norway's Clueless, other than that he is from Norway and seems to have modeled himself on Burial, to an extent. He has no information about himself, his picture is silhouetted and shrouded in smoke.

He does, however, have a talent for producing brilliantly deep and melancholic dubstep tracks that will, inevitably, be compared to the likes of Burial and the Hyperdub 2-step skittish beat sound. There is, though, something much simpler and, perhaps, mre affecting to his sound, the beats are merely a by product of the song, used to prop up the haunting strings, keys and melancholic bass lines. Wonderful stuff.

Bright Eyes - No One Would For Less (Clueless remix)

Adele - Hometown Glory (Clueless Remix)

See you,


Thursday, 26 March 2009

You Fuckin' prat!

Yeah, Primecuts has mashed up Cockney Thug into a different style once again and added loads more vocal samples i don't remember being there before. Mainly classics and fairly violent. This is the state of ghetto jackin'.

Rusko - Cockney Thug (DJ Primecuts Remix)

Despite the fact this is everywhere, it deserves a mention for being another feather in the already rather bird-like hat of Fred Falke. Not satisfied with dropping one of the best remixes ever on us, the Golden Cage one, he pulls off another absolute cracking piece of French infused electro-house using Little Boots as a template this time.

Little Boots - New In Town (Fred Falke Remix)


I don't much about this next lot except that they are Japanese, amazing and on institubes. But they do say this themselves:

We are always conscious of the present music, of course. And we love Japanese music, old music & any other genre (techno, rock, jazz, classical, reggae, country...). Possibly you find our music “exotic”, but we do our best to make and play our music, so If you enjoy our music, we are so happy.
Please come to our concerts.

Crystal - Initiative!

Having never been hugely into them, despite their fairly large scene status, Jokers of The Scene have finally impressed me enough to write about. One time, with a rather cracking remix of Congorock which is all upbeat synths and basslines liable to get inside your head and warp your brain, and the other is a dubstep remix of one of their tracks which opens beautifully before going all weird on us.

Jokers Of The Scene - Baggy Bottom Boys (DZ Ravestep Remix)

Congorock - Runark (Jokers of The Scene Remix)



Monday, 23 March 2009

deeply does it

Found a house/electronica producer by the name of Slava the other day, though it seems that i can find little info about him. In fact, what i assume is his myspace page has so little info on it i can not tell if it is the same artist! Bizarre.

Either way, this is a great piece of weird, moody, atmospheric deep electronica. I suppose you could liken it to Nathan Fake in a more bizarre and self-indulgent moment (good thing), but i suspect that would be a bit lazy. A strange piece of music for strange times.

Slava - Dark Dreams

Also awesome is the Aeroplane remix of Sebastian Tellier. I don't really fele the need to say much more about Aeroplane. They are going to be leading 2009 from the front. Whatch them explode of the next few months.

Sebastian Tellier - Kilometer (Aeroplane 'Italo '84 Remix)

And this i rather like too. Skream's mix was cool and Foamo's edit took it in a slightly deeper direction and may be an interesting alternate sound for future Foamo stuff when he decides to stray from big, jacking bass. Heartbreak, obviously, took a different route all together and came away with something entirely more interesting.
A faintly odd, disco influenced piece of house/electro which all revolves around a pulsating synth with dreamy melodies floating all around it and the soaring La Roux vocal gently rolling over the top. Beautiful.

La Roux - In for The Kill (Heartbreak Remix)




Thursday, 12 March 2009

Galactik Knights

Galactik Knights were kind enough to send me a copy of their latest mix tape which is full of french touch and electro goodness. I rather enjoyed it.

Galactik Knights Spectrum Mix

1. Sedat- The Turkish Avenger
2. Thomas Bangalter- Ventura
3. Thomas Bangalter- Outrun
4. Alan Braxe- Vertigo (Thomas Bangalter’s Virgo Mix)
5. Le Knight Club- Hysteria
6. Sedat- Take Me Ce Soir
7. Raw Man- Across the Universe
8. Menace & Adam- So in Love
9. Dynamic Rockers- Life (Muttonheads Remix)
10. Lifelike- In My Car
11. Gipsy- Gipsy
12. Paul Johnson- I’m Alone Until You Show Me
13. Patrick Alavi- Zoulday
14. Galactik Knights- Digital Silver
15. Daft Punk- High Life
16. Paul Johnson- She Got Me On
17. Superfunk- Young MC
18. Armand Van Helden- Flyaway Love
19. JJ Flores & Steve Smooth- Freak You
20. Richard Grey- Bassline
21. Dynamic Rockers- Don’t Be Surprised
22. M-Flo Loves Monday Michiru- A.D.D.P.



Tuesday, 10 March 2009


KiD COLA returns, this time teaming up with US electro protege Hidden Cat and remixing his sleeper blog hit, 'Superfuture.' Opening with cut up samples over a solid 4/4 beat and rolling bass lines, arguably reminscent of the classic detroit and chicago scenes, before building to peak and slamming back in with a distorted bass riff set to demolish anything in its way. With KiD COLA and Hidden Cat both looking on the brink of something big in 2009, this partnership was, seemingly, destined to happen, so keep your eyes on these two over the coming months.

Hidden Cat – Superfuture (KiD COLA Remix)

Also new this week is more Mustard Pimp stuff. My favourite of which is a genius (though slightly silly) mix of The Fresh Prince, done over with lots of bass and jagged electro synths. Boosh.

Will Smith - The Fresh Prince Of Bell Air

And after their rather excellent mix of Adele a few weeks ago, Chewy Chocolate Cookies are back with a mini-mix displaying a load of new material and remixes yet to come.

CCC Minimixtape:

1) Chewy Chocolate Cookies "Still Untitled" (Coming soon...) + FDHC "Silver screen" Acappella

2) Keatch ft. Gehts Noch "Call it Love"

3) Phenomania "Who is Elvis" Chewy Chocolate Cookies re-edit

4) From monuments to masses "Beyond gold & Elvis" Felix Cartal Rmx

5) Chewy Chocolate Cookies "Apocalypse" (Coming soon...)

6) Royksopp "Happy up here" Boys Noize Rmx

7) DJ Manaia "The bass killer"

8) Chewy Chocolate Cookies "Numero" (Coming soon...)

9) Cazals "Poor innocent boys" Shinici Osawa Rmx

10) Chewy Chocolate Cookies "Boom boom" (Coming soon...)

11) Lazy Jay "Float my boat"

12) Digital Boy "This is motherfucker" Chewy Chocolate Cookies Rmx (Coming soon...)

13) Junk Project "Brain tool" Chewy Chocolate Cookies re-edit

14) Drlkt Freddie"Blood" Chewy Chocolate Cookies Rmx (Coming soon...)

Much love,