Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Big Booty Girls...

Right then, it was just over a week ago now, i believe, i was sitting in Bardens' Boudoir (turns out it really is THAT far down kingsland road, ouch) watching Cutting Pink With Knives. Having had their debut, Oh Wow!
for over a year now but having consistently failed to catch in the live arena i was fairly excited to finally catch them. Needless to say, i did not leave disappointed. Playing mainly new songs from their follow up LP and a few choice cuts from Oh Wow!span>, they set up away from the stage on the venue floor and proceeded to cause a riot amongst themselves for the next twenty minutes. Many poses were pulled, numerous shapes cut and various crowd members touched. Highlights being the guitarist playing some insane riff behind his head whilst shimming and grinding all over a young ladies leg before bending over and reversing into my crotch then finding myself rolling on the floor screaming along with the vocalist, to Hey, Cowboy, who'd just pulled me down. Well, i had a good time.

Next up, The Carps who, to put it simply, are quite similar to DFA 1979 if they'd had more soul based vocal stylings. The same set up, a bassist with various electronics and a drummer/vocalist. Though, i have to say, more interesting than DFA 1979 to see perform, especially when in the sort of mood they were. Performing little skits to lead into and help tell the story behind songs, chatting away amiably with the crowd, getting us to sing along, clap, the works basically. And i'd never heard of them until a few days before. Absolutely charming fellows to top it off. They've sent me a preview of their upcoming album, and i can safely tell you that it's going to be worth ge hold of if you like anything Jesse F. Keller has done, or just like innovative music with good, soulful vocals. Do it.

Closing, was Cadence Weapon on his 22nd birthday, and we had quite the party. On myspace his hybrid of IDM and hip-hop sound quite brutal almost and distinctly heavy for a hip hop artist. Bring it to the stage however and a whole new good times aspect seems to be on the table. Performing a strong set of good vibes and rolling beats, with a load of crowd interaction, and, i do believe, a good time was had by all. I have to say, i've only stumbled across the 'Boudoir recently, but i've had two good nights there and think i shall be returning again soon for Dananananakroyd and Gay Against You! Excellent.

Check that shit. Yeah?

Tunes For You?

Cadence Weapon - Sharks

Cadence Weapon - In Search of the Youth Crew I reckon this one's more suited to any electro heads who like their music a little fater than 90 BPM. Raaaar.

My old Fave CPWK track:

Cutting Pink With Knives - Hey, Cowboy

And something a little bit quaint from my favourite, underrated Ed Banger artist. Yeah?

Electroluxe Family - Rock That Shit (Vicarious Bliss Remix)




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