Monday, 31 March 2008

Crystl Castles

Have findally unleashed their debut album on the public's eardrums,and it's not bad at all. First things first, the album sounds famillar first time round due to several of their "classic" tracks being placed in amongst newer tracks and older, less well known tracks. For instance, tracks 5 and 6 are Xxzxcuzx Me and Air War respectively, while Loving And Caring and Knights repeat the same trick in the second half of the album. Good news is that they all sound as top quality as they always have, with the exception of Air War, which has been given a work over and has a new extended and quite relxed ending on it now. Though it's quite feeable that this isn't necessarily a new version, it's just that i saw no need to download a spare copy of it having rpped it from the Digital Penetration a long time ago.

More good news is that the rest of the album, while keeping one foot firmly in their 8-bit and chaotic punk roots, the rest of the album uses it's other foot to explore new avenues, taking in influences seemingly from the Human League to ambient electronica artists such as Nathan Fake which keeps the record feeling fresh despite the number of older tracks here. In fact, one might say that they're achieved an almost perfect balance between the old and the new, unlike Hadouken!'s album, which contained only two old tracks, both of which have been released as singles in the last year. I would have found throwing in properly recorded vrsions of Bounce and Superstar or maybe Tuning In or Dance Lessons might have been a nice twist.

Anyway, as a taster, an old favourie of mine and something a little newer to wet appetites.

Crystal Castles - Alice Practice

Crystal Castles - Magic Spells

Other than that, i'm looking forward to seeing The Death Set at the end of the week. Should be cool. And i received my 7" from the shoes, limited to 300 copies each with an individual Polaroid of a pair of shoes, ranging from the Ed Banger Crew to Zinedine Zindane. I got Katie from the Ting Tings. Not sure what to make of it. I'm sur ethey'll be big and it'll be cool to have that signed photo, but they're not really my cup of tea...

Coming up soon we also have Voodoo at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen on April 9th, with Tired Iire, Invasion, Portasound and Ezra and ot Machine, as well as Andy George DJing with our Hosts Thick As Thieves and Rob Campari Safari. Promises to be a wicked night so get yourselves down there early to make sure you catch all the bands as well!

New mini mix from the Boys at Thick As Thieves. Sounding good as ever!

Mini Mix


Then i believe it's the opening night of the new Lost In Paris parties on the 10th at th Macbeth featuring The Death Set amongst others and is also going to be a wicked night out. Be there.




Friday, 28 March 2008

Dollop and that

Hmmm, it's all got a bit late this time round, but it does seem having a job really cuts into blog writing time. Nevermind.

Anyhow, 'twas Dollop at the Old Blue again last Friday with probably the most eclectic line up i've seen at a dollop night.First up, we had THe XX, who sounded nothing at all like i expected. From what i'd read and heard about them i was expecting some very trendy, possibly quite generic indie-electro stuff. Thankfully, i was completely wrong and i found myself confronted with some beautifully crafted indie works. The stage show isn't entirely worked through, as their drum production guy and rhythm guitarist/keys player find themslev
es lifless at the side of the stage when lead singer guitarist Romy, and Bassist/backing vocalist Oliver, take the lead for very one or two lo-fi tracks,looking rather lost. A minor quibble though, as the songs were fantastic and engaging enough in their own right. Expect to hear a lot more from this lot this year.

The XX - Blood Red Moon

Next up, Le Couteau Jaune. I don't quite know where to start with this lot, but to say it's the most insane thing i've ever witnessed is utterly accurate. Appearing on stage in costumes involving oversized shopping bags printed with the word "CUNT" in large letteirng, various styles of headgear, all bizarre, leggings, make up, face paint, reavling dresses, cans of whipped cream... well, you get the jist. And what would you expect from the man who run Adaadat Records and his cohorts. The acctual show seemed to involve playing the tracks on a laptop, which were efectively poppy glitch (boy does that sound weird) with rolling bassline samples over the top while the members proceed to spray cream everywhere, run/roll aound in the crowd and yelp at random intervals beofre taking their trousers off. If you think you can handle it you should check them out as the whole thing is quite hilarious!

Closing the live proceedings for the evening were Grovesnor stars of Hot Chip's acclaimed DJ Kikcks mix. These guys are, simply, pretty damn stunning live. Mixing elements of electro, funk, indie and more into a boiling pot of genius and have come out with something pretty special. Riding a nice groove the whole way through the set , we were treated to nightmoves (their DJ Kicks track) second in the set which, for me anyway, was definitely the highlight. I like that people are starting to take a subtler approach to the indie-electro bag now as a lot of the maximal, in your face stuff can get a bit tedious now unless it's something extra special. So many kudos to Grovesnor for being, well, ace!

Here's a little slice of Grovesnor godness, given the Baltimore go-over by Bird Peterson who di that ace mix of Wu'Tang's ...Ain't Nothing To Fuck

Grovesnor - Nitemoves (Bird Peterson Remix)

I also braved a hideously "New Rave" crowd the other day to catch George Pringle after, dissapointingly, missing her at Fabric last Thursday. She was fantastic, having a surprising ammount of stage presence for a single, petit, lady and running through her set of delightfully lo-fi electronic indie gems with her quite unigue style of spoken streams of consciousness over the top. It was, frankly, a great set. However, things were spoilt somehat by louts in stupid, brightly coloured new era caps (you know the sort) telling her to stop, get off and shut up beofre loudly proclaiming that "I'd still fuck her though," Charming. Everyone hates you, why don't you fuck off? Luckily Miss Pringle seems quite adept at dealing with hecklers so things turned out ok in the end i reckon.
DIOY,Y? weren't bad and i didn't even bother with new indie act Cut Off Your Hands. What's the point? I do have DIOY,Y?'s new record though, and i think to sum it up: Does Our Album Of Mainly Quite Indie Tracks Offend You, Yeah? Not really boys, but it's not a bad record.

George Pringle - I'm Very Scared Buster, Yes At Last

And if you're in Notts tonight, DO NOT MISS THIS!!!!

Chances are that this will be the smallest ahow Midnight Juggernaughts will ever play in this country from here on in, so i think it's advisable to see one of the finest acts on Paris' excellent Institubes label (Also featured on the roster are Para One, Surkin, Bobmo, Orgasmic and more) and these Australians (soon to move over here from what i gather) are destined for bigger and greater things. Yes yes.

That's about all for now i think. More soon hopefully.

Oh, acctually, designs for the logo on the t-shirts i'm getting printed are looking wicked, so if anyone's interested in one, do drop me a line.

And finally this time, R.I.P. Bolt Action Action Five who have, regretably, split after a months of inactivity. I wish them the best of luck for future projects, including Dan's new effort, Danimal Kingdom




Thursday, 20 March 2008

Going to kick that indie witch in the tits.

Neon Neon are playing tonight and i'm very much there. That is fucking great!.

Been listening to their their album and it's mostly really good. As far as i can tell it seems to be the album Hot Chip should or could have made instead of Made In The Dark (no discredit to that album as i do like it, but it feels more like their first album updated with better production) and is generally ace. A healthy mixture of upbeat electro tracks with a few more downbeat songs to relax to and a coupe of more Hip hop styled tracks with guest slots from Cool Kids and Yo Majesty. Look into this, if this turns out to be more than a one off collaberation there could be incredible things to come from this direction.

Neon Neon - I Lust You

Fuck Buttons album is, frankly, epic. Really fucking epic. I love this band and they're playing with Battle AND Liars in May. That promises to be a show and a half!

Got some New Surkin stuff as well. The DVNO remix starts and ends well but dips a bit in the middle and the other tracks are standard Surkin bangers, though i feel he's going to struggle to match Radio Fireworks for a while...

Justice - DVNO (Surkin mix)

Surkin - White Knights 2

Surkin - Ki 'n' Horns

Also, has anyone else noticd that Bobmo has somply nicked the Dark Throne Logo for his new ep? Genius. I love it, it looks fucking cool.

Other than that, Hoping to see George Pringle at Fabric tonight, but she's on at 10, which has kind of fucked my night? Imagine trying to buy beer in fabric for 5 or 6 hours when you don't have a paid job. Uncool. Luckily she's very good.

George Pringle - I Know Who Mogwai Are Too Darling

Anyhow, as i had to rush out before i could finish this, it's kind of in the wrong tense... For instance, Neon Neon are no longer playi g tonight, but played yesterday and were rather good, fabric was a let down and i missed George Pringle. Lame. Oh well, another time maybe... In fact, Tuesday i shall catch her with Does It Offend You, Yeah? Should be fun.

Hope you're all well.



Tuesday, 18 March 2008

All these things i feel in my mind...

Ok, so we have the video for Ungdomskulen's new single, Modern Drummer, which is pretty exclusive and isn't going to be elsewhere for another week or so. Very bizarre and worth a watch, check it. We also have their new album, which is kind of the aural equivalent of the video. The band deals it big, big riffs, pounding drums and Robert Plant-esque wailing vocals. If anyone remembers Late Of The Pier's Heartbeat, Flicker, Line , i'm particularly thinking that fairly sizable riff that drops in at the end. The album is basically that massive, but the whole way through. How can you go wrong with that?

Ungdomskulen - Modern Drummer

I've also been sent the new single by Royworld, which turns out to be a little indie-pop gem. Didn't know about this until it dropped through the letterbox, but it's a rather nice piece and anyone who's a fan of bands such as The Tough Alliance or MGMT should investigate right now!

Royworld - Man In The Machine

I heard the new Grand national album the other day as well, which came across as a wonderful lo-fi indie record. More to follow soon.




Saturday, 15 March 2008

it's been a while (again)...

Indeed i haven't been the most prolific on the blog over recent months, getting a job kinda ruining my life slightly...However an afternoon off work and a trip home to a faster internet connection has allowed me to catch up a little bit with some toons, however excuse me if I'm still a little out of touch...

First up this superb Audiofly rmx of Different Gear (feat Dirty Kylie)'s Worry. The far too sexy for their own good Barca duo of Anthony Middleton & Luca Saporito mashed this up back in 2005 and was found by me yesterday on the Schitz Popinov blog, (finger, pulse etc. ahem) but is a-typical of the work these guys have been doing over the last few years. Really want to catch them this year, their only UK date in the diary is at Shindig end of April as yet, unless anyone fancies flying out to Nikki Beach for spring break...?

Different Gear feat. Dirty Kyl (Audiofly rmx) - Worry

Next one maybe a sound for the summer? Riton made a bit of a name for himself last year and with intense remixes like this you can see why...

Datarock - Fa fa fa (Riton Turbo Disco Remix)

And finally one couldn't publish a post without mentioning MGMT, whose debut album although not perfect is certainly a refreshing, uplifting sound combined with some really luscious lyrics. One of my favourites...

MGMT - Time to Pretend

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

And here we are

All over another post. I seem to remember mentioning something about a Kills remix and a Snoop Dogg remix as well, so let's get straight into it.

The Kills mix is by guys called Nite Cells, who i don't know very well at all, but it seems they have the know how to make some of the hardest hitting synth noises i've heard since Waters Of Nazareth first took my face off peeling out of some club's PA.

The Kills - Cheap and Cheerful (Nite Cells Bored Robot Mix)

Secondly, half the people i saw in Notts last weekend probably know this quite well by now, but it still kicks the bottom end out from most tracks, and i'm sure there's a few out there who don't know it. Welcome to Wideboys' territory. Here the name is grime and the bass is heavy, low and rolling. Probably the greatest thing that has anything to do with snoop i've ever heard, though i did enjoy his turn as Huggy Bear in Starsky and Hutch.

Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction (Wideboys bassline mix)

I also have a filthy Dukes track for you, which probably should have put up in the last post but, hey, it's here now. A thumping slab of electro from the men behind Kill 'em All which has a nice vocal line ove rit, which i think may be by Sam form Late Of The Pier. However, i can't remember the name of that track, sounds quite like him though, so let's just say it is.
Yeah, it is with Earl Samuel Dust of LOTP fame. I checked.

The Filthy Dukes - This Rhythm feat. Samuel Dust

This is The Brunettes first ever show in the UK so it's a big event and any of you available at the time should probably take the time to toddle over to West London and check them out as they're one of the best new bands coming out of the Southern Hemisphere at the moment. How could you turn up an opportunity like that? It'd be like missing out on seeing Kap10Kurt next time they come over. Silly.
They've recently been signed to Sub Pop records, which means CSS to most of you, and and Wolf Eyes to the more adventurous amongst you. Mixing sublime indie with hook laden pop melodies, this is something not to be missed.

Brunettes tickets

More soon, as i love you.



Monday, 10 March 2008

Another weekend down...

Wow, i managed a weekend in Nottingham that i can remember. Well done me. And thank god, because i payed money to see Switch, and made it up to finally catch him! Though i was a little apprehensive, having heard various storis of him not turning up, or getting too wrecked to play... Thankfully, for this Spectrum, he was on fire, kicking out dancefloor slayers form the moment he stepped up to the decks. The highlight being, of course, when his Radioclit - Divine Gosa remix slammed in and everyone went nuts. Though the Ben Westbeech mix was, sadly, missing. Stanton Warriors came on after this, so i made a shar exit and headed of to Dollop at Stealth to catch the filthy Dukes and be gutted that i'd missed Primary 1 and The Shoes (again). Definitely a good move, the Filthy Dukes did their usual thing of banging out a lot of storming electro and we all danced away like fools! Good times. So thanks to Tanith and friends, the 2nd year Crew and dollop friends for a fairly banging Friday.

I can also confirm that i do not like Gatecrasher. Spectrum didn't really work there for me. Everything is badly laid out so that as soon as the venue is remotely busy it's almost impossible to walk anywhere., the bar's were few, far between and understaffed and the vibe was different from the usual, upbeat spectrum style, too many muscley, tight shirted chavs looking for fights and such.

Oh well, dollop and afterparties made amends for this.

DJ Blaqstarr - shake It To The Ground (Switch & Santogold remix)

Bolt Action Five (Our Favourites) playing Club Motherfucker.

Saturday involved a trip to Club Motherfucker's 5th birthday having had precisely 2 hours nap. I felt odd indeed. A few beers was definitely a big help though, and soon Invasion took to the stage to open preceedings (after hearing Friendly Fires - Photobooth for the first time in ages, it still sounds fantastic) and, frankly, they were awesome, pounding rhythms and low end punk guitars with a more soulful Ninja (The GO! Team) vocal style, and a good old fashioned Micro Korg for good measure. Defintiely the band of the evening. Dead Kids showed themselves to be the next overhyped indie breakthrough band and Ipso/facto... well, i'd heard nothing but promising things from these supposed psychedelic, lofi garage ladies, but it all sounded like a dreary run through 30 years of punk. I think i'm going to give them another chance though. Listening to them on myspace i feel there may be something there.

Cant find any invasion tracks, but they write songs about spells, moons, scary woods and wizards, which makes them awesome. Just like that. So go and listen at INVASION myspace

Boys Noize, (remember him?) has remixed Apparat. This is amazing. a 12 minute epic piece of music, possibly the greatest thing he's done to date.

Apparat - Arcadia (Boys Noize Mix)

That's pretty much it for now, except going to the previous post and making sure you have the Stupidisco track from it. Then the Deathset stuff. I'm really digging those guys right now, Can't wait for them to come back to England.

Yeassayer are playing tonight and i'm basically too poor to see them, and i have other commitments. This basically sucks. Friends can be stupid sometimes.

The wideboys could be the next big thing to hit the world of naaaasty bass. Watch it, yeah?




Thursday, 6 March 2008

...and they've done it again

Yeah, first things first today. Justice, you know them i reckon, have recently added the video for forthcoming single and outstanding album track DVNO up on their myspace page, so head their now Justice myspace page and watch it, then come back and read te rest of the the post. Awesome, awesome video, not sure if it trumps D.A.N.C.E. but it sure as hell is asgood as.

And now, here starts post proper. This week we have, fresh from the oven, a brand new track entitled Down And Out In Paris And London by our good friend Stupidisco. And this time.. it's a nother cracking slice of nasty electro that sounds like Justice beating the hell out of Kissy Sell Out with the dirty bass stick. And you can't deny that sounds like a good time all round. Investigate!

Stupidisco - Down And Out In Paris And London

Other than that, i'm pretty much still buzzing off the Neon Neon stuff. I have a copy of The Whip's new album, haven't given it a thorough listen yet, but it's sounds like you'd expect, like their live show. Pretty cool most of the way through with a few standout points.

I did see Late of the Pier last week which was, as usual, awesome. Opening band Slagmalsklubben (SMK from here, i hope you understand my reasons as to why) i had been wanting to see for a long time since missing them support Franz and Shape (i think) at dollop many months ago. They did not dissapoint, getting the crowd jumping at 8 30 with their bubbly electro that sounded, and looked, like hpt chip on uppers, swigging bottles of JD. More please.

Can't say i caught the Video Nasties and nothing that filtered through to th bar encouraged me to go listen so.. moving on.

LOTP, once again, nailed it, though this time they had a large room full of people going nuts, not just me. Piling through their, now, classic old songs like their was no tomorrow and driving the crowd wild their live show has improved beyond what was an amazing show anyhow. The set was, of course, interjected with three or four new tacks which all sounded very promising for the upcoming new album, though perhaps a little less epilectic than their previous efforts. I'm going to see if i can't get hold of one or two of these new tracks, though i feel my chances are slim. All the more reason for you to go and try and catch them live i suppose, which i strongly encourage as i think i've caught them about 15/16 time sin the last year and have never once been disappointed or even got remotely tired of them.

Tonight, GAHS! at the MacBeth with Shitting Fists, Trencher, Notts very own Tomb Crew and St8Necklin' crew. Oh yeah, this is going to be a heavy show. I'm excited.

On a random tangent, Girl Talk have managed to sample Hole and make
them not sound too shit. Quite the achievement i think.

Girl Talk - Cleveland Shake

And up and coming "fidgit house" geezer named after the kid from most peoples favourite old school Disney film, The Jungle Book, has banged out a slamming remix of THe Chemical Brothers "Do it Again" very nice indeed. Just wait for the wobbly bass drop, that'll get yor neck moving.

The Chemical Brothers - Do It Again (Mowgli Mix)

I think that's it for now...

Oh wait, i can also recommend hyped up and coming Baltimore act, and this isn't some bass wobbling beat mashing bunch, The Death Set. Diplo meets Trencher with these nutty thrash/punk/pop oddities. Go and see them if you get the chance, they're fantastic.
a The Death Set - Distressed (Bonde De Role Mix)

And while i'm getting carried away, Estaw have made the Artful Dodger not only listenable, but wicked fun and nasty (though it has been cut short...)

Artful Dodger - Flex (Estaw Mix)

Until next time,