Friday, 26 September 2008


So, Rolo Tomassi unleashed their debut album on, what i suspect was a predominantly unsuspecting public and in celebration of this we were treated to a free show at The Old Blue Last in shoreditch, with support from the ghost frequency and Mirror!Mirror!

Um, best show ever? Well, not quite but, fuck me, it was up there.

Opening the proceedings are Nuneaton's own Mirror!Mirror! who are amazing and, almost certainly the only good thing to have ever come out of the delightful Midlands town... Smashing through tracks such as "My brain is Jassive" and "Wolfgang Bang" they get the eager crowd dancing from the off, ballroom style for half the gig, while guitarists Mike and Alex thrash out angular punk in the midst of the audience and vocalist Broads hangs from the lighting equipment. Once again, awesome.

I have to confess to missing The Ghost Frequency in order to catch up with an old friend, so have little to say o that front. Meaning i'm still o decide whether they're actually good or just another over hyped band with tattoos. Time will tell.

Rolo Tomassi... well, Rolo Tomassi tear the place apart. With an official capacity of eighty, the small upstairs room that acts as the live music centre of the pub was crammed with a good TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY people. Yummy. Anyhow, they proceed to slam out some hefty cuts from the brilliant new album, Hysterics, but not before the entire room has managed to sing keyboardist James a round of Happy Birthday (it being his 20th on the day). Through the cousre of the set we sea little else but chaos. aconstant stram of crowdsurfers and stagedivers swarm past (for once, it seems deeply apporpriate and even i have no qualms with it), Joe dry humping his bass, a bit more madness, bruising, genius and some of the most fun i've ever had bent over the front of a stage...

Then, the encore. possibly the bands two most classic tracks, Film Noir and Curby. Film Noir rips the last of the room to pieces in its 1:50 of blind franticness before curby stamps its bloody remains into the room below along with a massive stage invasion 9as far as a stage invasion can be "massive" in The Old Blue...).

Frankly, if you weren't there, oops. Gigs like that only happen in their handfulls every year or two.

Rolo Tomassi - Film Noir

Rolo Tomassi - Curby



Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Andy Caldwell

Fresh from having been remixed by the likes of Claude Von Stoke and Trentemoller (reckon you've heard of them), Andy Caldwell is back with his latest slice of electronic goodness in the form of "Freq Nasty", a rather jacking piece of electro i'm expecting to hear in many a respectable DJ set throughout the rest of the year.

Not only has he been spending time working on his next album, which is going to be BIG, he's also somehow found the time to set up his own label, Uno Recordings which will allow him greater range to explore his apparent talent for scouting out massive tracks and hot artists. You can grab a copy of it here, or any of the other releases from this new label.

Andy Caldwell - Funk Nasty



Sunday, 21 September 2008


The area around Leeda (Harrogate, to be more specific) is stamping it's name on the elecro map right now through the marvels of Youth Attack and their rather brutal take on the common remix. Having already produced beautifully loud mixes for the likes of Late Of the Pier, Foals and Shadowdancer (some of which have already been covered on these very pages) they are rapidly making a name for themselves across the country and are inevitably only going to continue down this path to fame and excellence as the 2009 gets under way.

Not only this, but having played with Mr. Flash of Ed Banger fame over the weekend, thy impresed so much that Mr. Flash has requested the track for his own use around the world for devastating dancefloors and Ed Rec parties. Which is pretty ace really. Despite a lack of output in recent months you can still rely on Ed Banger to host a massive party.

Oh, and if you ever happen to be in their neck of the woods, it couldn't hurt to have a gander at their new night, Kill The rhythm, which over the course of two evening already boasts guests such as Ocelot, Matt Payne, Thick As Thieves as well as Youth Attack themselves.

So get involved, while there's still room on the dancefloor for their sets.

Ting Tings - Shut Up And Let Me Go (Youth Attack & Popcop Remix)

Other than that, i'm rather keen on these at the moment as well.

AC Slater - Poison

Pretty sure AC Slater is going to be the next massive thing to come out of the bass influenced house scene. This is why.

And, for a change, this rather mellow piece from Jeffrey Lewis which has some of my favourite lyrics of recent times.

Jeffrey lewis - Don't be Upset

Hope that's nice for you.





Sounds like something out of the Lion King, eh? You know, the it where the Hyenas are trying to scare each over hissing, "Mustaffa!" at each other. Great film.

Anyhow, i know his tune Township Funk is getting on n age a little bit, but it seems to be getting a lot of airtime all of a sudden. Probably because it's ace, Electrorash even went so far as to call it the best tune ever. I think tht might be the kind of over-enthusiasm i'm prone to when i hear things that excite me a lot, such as the Soulwax mix of MGMT (though i still stand by that being ace and if you disagree... wel, more fool you. You know who you are).

Mujava has produced one of those tunes that has a ridiculously hooky synth melody that will get lodged inside your brain and have you humming it all day. Repeatedly. Probably for months.

I don;t know much about him, other than he's South African, awesome and has Township Funk coming out on Warp Records soon, i think.

DJ Mujava - Township Funk

I like this Fake Blood track, and i've found oddly hard to track down on the 'net. So here it is for anyone else who's been missing out.

Fake Blood - Blood Splashing (Fake Blood Theme)




Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Badlands Kik Bak

badlands have hit us up with a shiny copy of their brand new mix hot off the press. And... it's an absolute banger. With new tracks from Lincoln's Urchins as well as Mighty Fools, Merka and Gella alongside huge remixes from Soulwax, Mumdance, Fucking Zombies, Ocelot, Popof and Scott Cooper, frankly it was always going to be loud, offensive and generally sonically awesome.

Badlands September 2008 Mix


1. Pirate Robot Midget – ‘Hey France’ [Big Splash]

2. Gella – ‘Chi Kaa Chi Koo (Scott Cooper Remix)’ [Fat!]

3. Mighty Fools – ‘We Want’ [PottyMouth]

4. DJ Rush – ‘Mother f**king Bass (Popof Remix)’

5. Maelstrom vs Mc Youthstar – ‘The Beat Police (Is This House Mix)’ [Katorza]

6. Evil Nine – ‘All The Cash (Mumdance Remix)’ [Marine Parade]

7. Disco Of Doom – ‘The Click (F**cking Zombies Remix)’ [Passenger]

8. Merka – ‘Back Home (Chewy Chocolate Cookies)’ [Fat!]

9. Muse – ‘Knights Of Cydonia (Ocelot Remix)’

10. The MPI Project – Here I Am (Twocker Sniper Remix) [Sheer Music]

11. MSTRKRFT – ‘Vuvuvu’ [Dim Mak]

12. Chemical Brothers – ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl (Soulwax Remix)’

13. Suriv – ‘Epic Flow (Kieran Brindley and Calvertron Remix)’ [Roostar]

Get involved, get dancing, then get yourself down to see them play at the opening night of Kik Bak at Plan B in Brixton, 'twill be a rather large one.

On another note, being as this is the 100th post on the Plastic cowboys i thought i'd bang up a load of tracks for your pleasure, as i've felt a little short on that front for a while. Though that might just be my memory freaking out again after another alcohol related concussion.

Anyhow, going to start of with this number by Crookers, who i've always beena little suspect of, bu they finally won me over with this rather un-Crookers-like piece which kicks of their recent Mad Kidz EP. A blissed out piece which is a beautiful step away from their frequently all too "of the moment" jacking stuff.

Crookers - Embrace The Martian (feat. Kid Cudi)

Other stuff that i'm rather int now is Kissy's first decent output in christ knows how long... though maybe that's the Josh Harvey influence?

Herve & Kissy Sell Out - Rikkalicious

I'm still a little unsure s to The Touch's remix of Rex The Dog's last single, but this Trevor Lovey's remix of Maximization nation (awful name, eh?) is rather better.

The Touch - Maximization nation (Trevor Lovey's Remix)

The Touch - Le Night Dominator
(Not bad either, though quite old... but then, I lost both my hard drive and my ipod in the space of two weeks so am having to re-collect a year's worth of tunes).

And for old times sake, this newer mix of an the Rapture's most famous piece is a bit good too.

The Rapture - House Of Jealous Lovers (The Disco Villains Mix)

Bang! Hope some of those are enjoyed.

Catch you all soon.




Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Yo kids!

We have exclusive new Baobinga material to offer you here on Plastic Cowboys. Fresh from his release on Trouble & Bass (Drop The Lime's NYC imprint) which featured on up and comng bass maestros Jokers Of The Scene recent mixtape as well as performing a one off special acid-house set at Space in Ibiza for, We Love... Chew The Fat!

Big things then, i'm sure you'll agree, and you can check out the the new track, which comes across as a rather ace slice of piano led electro with a snappy break to it as Baobinga continues to nigh on solely reinvent a genre, here!

Baobinga - Chordal

His recent collaboration album with ID, Big Monster, is currently being reassembled as a remix album and set to be out in the next few months i believe, so hold your horses for that, as it promises to be a bit good.

On an unrelated not, or good friend Stupidisco is playing at Marriage this Thursday, the clubnight belonging to Faris of The Horrors fame. So props to Fe for getting his figers in that pie. See you there squire.