Friday, 29 May 2009

KiD COLA sinlge remixes!

First up are Scotland's (Perth's, to be more precise) Disco Wizards who taken the original and turned it into a full on heavy stomper of a track! Huge drums are offset by massive, rumbling basslines while the First Floor Elevator melody sits nicely over the top.

Good stuff all round then. And coming up in the next couple of weeks we will be dropping big remixes from Hidden Cat and Jakwob. Get excited!

KiD COLA - First Floor Elevator (Disco Wizards Remix)




Bit of a departure back into bass today, good times. Enjoying a few nasty basslines at the moment, offset by moments of melodic disco wonderfulness. This time round it's France's The Deficient, who was re-worked the likes of Dance Area, AC Slater, Mustard Pimp and Lee Mortimer.

There doesn;t seem to be a great deal of info around on him, but he seems to approach his work with a desire to make you dance, not to simply beat you into submission with bass, which frequently gets very tedious and happens all to often.

Here's what he's done to Lee Mortimer:

Lee Mortimer - This Is Real Shit (The Deficient Remix)




This young man, Jakwob, has been a friend of ours since the early days of working with KiD COLA. Back then he was kicking out a lot of music very quickly indeed and showed a lot of promise. Now he is taking a bit more time over his work he is really starting to fulfill that promise, one need look no further than his recent remixes for The Teasers and Ellie Goulding to observe that.

Hailing from Lincoln, he part of the scene that is thriving there at the momemt thanks the likes of Andy George, Jaymo, Urchins etc and the various massive parties that are thrown in the town every month!

Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (Jakwob remix)



Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Well, it seems good news is afoot. What with Grizzly Bear's new album set for release soon and the promos sounding nothing short of brilliant things have got even better. Yep, one of favourite Frenchmen, Fred Falke, has taken time-out to remix new track "Two Weeks" and, rest assured, he nails it in classic Falke style. I sweat, if he carries on like this i'm just going to be spinning Fred Falke reworks in my sets. I guess that's no bad thing though.

Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks (Frad Falke Remix)

That aside, I've had this song for months now but have done nothing with it, and getting a new remix of his last night made me decide to do something about this state of affairs.

Firstly, bound to be most people's "banger" for the summer is Foamo's Remix of Man Like Me's ode to the capital, "London Town". I'm sure i've rambled about Foamo enough by now, but the man just keeps on developing, refining and improving his style so get involved.

Man Like Me - London Town (Foamo Remix)

Secondly, after his rather tight little edit of Skream's mash-up of "In For The Kill" he seems to have been snapped up to do a full mix of new single, "Bullet Proof", and serves it up in fine style. Though admittedly don't feel the vocals always quite fit over the music in this piece, it is still a fine piece of work.

La Roux - Bullet Proof (Foamo Remix)




Monday, 11 May 2009

The Aspirins For My Children

London now has its band to watch for 2009. Quite easily the best thing I have heard for quite a while is the intriguingly named, The Aspirins For My Children. With a fairly rich history of production, having worked with the likes of Miss Odd Kidd, The Cock n’ Bull Kid, Ghost Poet and Jean-Charles De Castelbajac, the quality and experience very much shows through in original such as “Adults” with its pounding drums, mesmerising, layered, synth lines built around a hugely atmospheric chorus hook and of bizarrely appropriate pitch bending for good measure.

Another track, “Pineapple” sounds as though it a summer afternoon anthem for the more lively amongst us, with it’s strangely upbeat and lifting melodies and occasional looped vocal chants. One could possibly imagine Crystal Castles writing something like this if they stepped out of dark, smoky clubs and wrote music in glorious sunshine. “Cutter”, on the other hand, gives off an immediate presence of normality before rapidly developing into a great piece of electronica and then U-turning back to the start and again descending into elecrtonica. All inside of two minutes. Intensely brilliant.

On top of these original pieces, TAFMC also has a nice sideline in remixes, having re-worked songs for the likes of Situationists and Marina & The Diamonds, with several more in the works, “coming soon”. The mix of Marina & The Diamons’ “Obsessions” is a wonderful piece, utilisng Marinas’s vocal line and offsetting it with big drums, swirling melodies and soaring synthesised strings. Or, more simply put, it’s a wonderful piece that veers between simple melodies and haunting crescendos.
With plans afoot for shows later in the year and, hopefully, even more originals, I feel big things ahead for this one man music machine.

Marina & The Diamonds - Obsessions (TAFMC Remix)




Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Potentially the most ineteresting collab of the year...

Is the much hyped link up between Four Tet and Burial. Two fairly different styles of music, both with huge cult status, bordering on mainstream popularity (I imagine this is up for debate, but they are not quite household names methinks), though coming from to the table with each with a similar ethos as they both seem to like their ambiance to some degree or another.

The result can be found on vinyl in any competent record store, or on the internet in the shape of "Moth" which, as predicted, is a piece of surprisingly upbeat electronica in terms of the melodies, though their is a strong Burial influence in the beats and in the subtleties that swing around the lead lines. I suspect your best bet will be Rough Trade or Phonica for this release (if you're in London, or want to order online from a good quality independent store), I'm certainly out of here to one of these as soon as pay day hits!

A slight grower but a beautifully constructed piece. I can imagine these two writing an incredibly moving album together, as Moth alone took me off somewhere else entirely, to the the extent that I jumped when the song after came on.

Buial & Four Tet - Moth

Four Tet
and Burial on myspace.