Sunday, 30 December 2007

More Plimsouls

Plimsouls has treated us to some new material, late in the year. One could regard as a christmas treat of sorts, if you like.

Anyhow, the young guy from Bristol is really coming into his own and i think exciting things may start to happen for him this year. Coming though with a much more techy take on his traditional sound , have the tracks 3000 and Illin'.

3000 is if you can imagine it, what would happen if that steve bug remix of The Creeps - Freaks climbed into a blender with Sinden & Count of Monte Cristal. Making good use of some nasty, tech sounds with a female vocal, beat and bassline straight out of the Dave "Switch" taylor school of how to write a fucking Banger. Oh yes. The more traditional Plimsouls bleeps start to come out past the half way mark and proceed to lift the song and, i can only imagine, get your feet moving.

Plimsouls - 3000

Illin' is in a similar vein and just as good, with a particularly, and long, drop which i enjoy every time! Can't wait to see what's coming next if he keeps on improving at this rate.

Plimsouls - Illin'

Get him to play your party!




Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Good things in 2007

Person Of the Year:


Gui Boratto - Chromophobia
Burial - Untrue (Burial - Archangel (Boy 8-Bit's Simple Remix))
Klaxons - Myths of the Near Future
Daft Punk - Alive 2007
SMD - Attack Decay Sustain Relase
Rolo Tomassi - Rolo Tomassi (not sure if this was strictly 2007, but the re-release sure was)
Kate Nash - Made of Bricks
Chromeo - Fancy Footwork
Kitsune Maison 5


Bolt Action Five - Think Fast
Sinden & The Count Of Monte Cristal - Beeper
Late of the Pier - bathroom Gurgle
Late of the Pier - Space and the Woods
Kate Nash - Foundations
T2 - Heartbroken
Bolt Action Five - Tree Friend Tree Foe (and various remixes) (This being Th Cleft Palettes')
Los Campesinos - We Throw Parties You Throw Knives
Errors - Salut France
Passions - Emergency
The Teenagers - Homecoming
Klaxons - Golden Skans
Benga - Crunked Up

General greatness:

Late Of the Pier
Bolt Action Five
Kissy Sell Out
Simian Mobile Disco
Daft Punk
Sinden & The Count Of Monte Cristal


Liars Club


Ben Westbeech - Dance With Me (Switch Remix)
Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger (Ghetto Rukus remix)
Daft Punk - Around the World (Villains Remix)
Vicarious Bliss - Theme from Vicarious Bliss (Justice Remix)
Klaxons - As Above So Below (Justice Remix) (yeah, it grew on me. I always said it was good though).
The Black Ghosts - Some Way Through This (Plastician & Skream Mix)
Klaxons - It's Not Over (Skream mix)
Courtney Tidwell - Don't Let Stars Keep us Tangled Up (Ewan's Objects in Space remix)
The Secret Handshake - Summer Of '98 Tapedeck Mix)
Klaxons - It's Not Over (Brodinski mix)


Bolt Action Five - Faces of the Beast

Apologies for the scrappiness of the post. It's been a sort of compilation of thoughts over the last week or so. Apologies also for the lack of new things, but it is a round up of things i've liked from the year, which means mainly things i've probably all ready written about. WHo knows though, maybe someone will find something they like here, or discover something new, that's the general idea... i like to think.

Hope you all had god new years parties, ISSSST with para one was pretty damn fun. No lie.

Actually, hold on...

Para One - Midnight Swim

Para One - Midnight Swim (Surkin Remix)

Para One - Du Dun-dun

Take Care,



Monday, 17 December 2007

Ou Est... in the Mix.

FInally it's dropped. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool have taken up the challenge of remixing, and have come up trumps. Taking some advice and going for Bolt Action Five's "Think Fast" as their first effort, they've used the original vocals mixed in nicely their own put through a spanking new vocoder, over a mix of the track which stays quite true to the original while still adding in plenty of new elements to make it worth listening to as well as the original. Starting very bleepy, in that electro 8-bit style, that familiar synth line drops in soon with a new twist on it before they completely attack the bridge building nicely before dropping away and rising again into the next chorus over a filthy guitar lick and coming to a fairly spectacular close.

In all honesty, i like. I might even go so far as to say it's my favourite Think Fast mix, and there are a few knocking around.

Bolt Action Five - Think fast (Ou Est Le Swimming Pool Mix)

While we're on the remix topic, picked up a couple of bangers over the last few days which i thought were very much worth while sharing.

Having not found a Daft Punk Remix that was better than the original i've suddenly stumbled across a few in a couple of weeks, this time round it Ghetto Ruckus doing an incredibly dirty version of "Harder Better Faster Stronger" with a very cut up use of the vocal which works incredibly well.

Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Ghetto Ruckus edit)

And something newish from the boys Herve and Sinden doing their usual thing, this time to Aquasky.

Aquasky - Have A Good Time (Sinden & The Count of Monte Cristal Mix)

Oh, and for Tom, in case he's reading.

Justice - Phantom pt III (Ghetto Ruckus mix)

Hope you like.

Next post, Robosonic.



Friday, 14 December 2007

New records that i have got recently.

First, and probably foremost, is Daft Punk's Alive 2007. I keep reading reviews of this saying that listening to this on a high volume is somewhat akin to being back in the field/stadium/wherever you saw this show (if you were lucky enough to catch it) and you need but close your eyes to experience the award winning visuals all over again. To be honest, i have some good live albums, but i though, "That can't be right, i was there and it was the greatest thing ever. How can a cd possibly live up to that experience?" Well, to be blunt, it does. It really, really does. The sound is absolutely fantastic, testament to Daft Punk's mixing, production and recording skills. Each song has been recorded as flawlessly as it was mixed on the night and the crowd noise has been left in also,but left in at the perfect level and at the exact right moments so as not to distract from the music, but merely to enhance the listening experience and so one can imagine oneself to be back in the crowd at the gig. Honestly, I think the only air way to sum up this record is with one word:


Or how iDJ decided to, "If santa doesn't get yo this for christmas, he really does hate you."

Unfortunately something seems to be amiss with this album, and that is that it sold out in the space of a matter of days. It think that it is now having to be repressed and won't be around again until after christmas, though you can still get copies from itunes i imagine and form Amazon So, i can't recommend enough that you buy this album now. And get the new Burial record while you're at it.

I though i'd through this track in as it's a nice slow burner in between two massive bangers, so you'll get an idea of what's going on without hearing too much of the really juicy bits of the set.

Daft Punk - Too Long/Steam Machine.

Next up is ATTACK DECAY SUSTAIN RELEASE. I know this came out months ago but i only managed to get a copy yesterday, having finally got bored of dodgy mp3s that frequently skip to the next track halfway through. Boo. And guess what, it's a great album. TO be fair, any album that opens with a track like Sleep Deprivation is probably going to be a little bit good. Throw in, It's the Beat, Hotdog, Tits & Acid and I Believe as well and , basically, you're in for a treat. A nice stocking filler for anyone with half an ear.

SMD - Sleep Deprivation

My newest record of all dropped this morning in the post, Kitsune Maison 5! Oh yes. And you what, i think it may be the best yet. Admittedly, for some reason, only one of the two 12" discs came through, but that disc includes ace remixes of songs by Late Of The Pier, Digitalism, Cazals, and MIA and great straight up tracks from the likes of Rex the Dog, KID, David E. Sugar and Fischerspooner. So far, every tracks is very, very worth your time and attention. So maybe this will be a nice post-christmas treat for yourself with some of our christmas money you get from Grandma. It's a choice you will NOT regret!

Digitalism - Pogo (Sinichi Osawa edit)




Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Cazals Album Exclusive!

Cazals, a british guitar band, signed to Kitsune Records have a long history with big names on the Birtish indie scene and are tired of the association, wisely choosing to be looked upon as a great band in their own right. With a line up that not only encompases thrilling new British guitar music, they also have amongst their ranks, a DJ (second guitarist Luca), an actor and star of various independent films (vocalist Phill) and a notable re-mixer and producer (bassist Martin). A band, one might say, of many talents then.

Kitsune & Cazals on their situation and their album:

"Cazals are signed to French record label Kitsune. It is an electronic music label, home to Digitalism, Simian Mobile Disco, Crystal Castles and other such forward thinkers. You may know them from their excellent Maison compilations or for releasing vinyl only singles by Klaxons, Foals and Late of The Pier. They are not normally interested in guitar bands (especially those with retrogressive tendencies), but they made an exception for Cazals. This is significant.

“Basically they heard our track ‘Poor Innocent Boys’, and put it on their Maison 2 compilation,” says Daniel (It’s worth pointing out here that the bouncing, razor-sharp, handclap-assisted rhythms of said former single resided on this record between a Boyz Noise remix and a track by Azzido Da Bass). “They were ringing us up to ask what label we were on, and we were like, ‘Erm, none!”
“They’ve been amazing for us,” enthuses Phil. “It’s not a huge label, so they haven’t got a huge amount of money, but they had no problems with us taking our time to make sure the album was perfect. Perfect as far as we were concerned, and them.”

The investment of time by both band and label has paid off massively. One only has to listen to the first minute of ‘What Of Our Future?’s opener ‘New Boy In Town’ to realise it is a record of tremendous depth. There are spiky guitars, a rasping vocal and an unforgettable melody, for certain, but there are subtle textures here, too – at points you’d be forgiven for thinking Daft Punk were recording in the next room. ‘To Cut A Long Story Short’ continues in this vein, and by the time the breakdown in the middle of the synthline led ‘Somebody Somewhere’ arrives, it’s anybody’s as to which instrument is making which noise.

“We spent a long time on the arrangements,” Daniel continues. “We’re not one of those bands who just bash out a song.” It shows. ‘A Big Mistake’ is driven by lo-fi electronic drum loops; ‘We’re Just The Same’ a gorgeous, half-paced pop song that exhibits the French influence that has seeped into Cazals’ music; ‘Comfortable Silence’, meanwhile, is – frankly – bonkers experimentalism, the likes of which few British guitar bands would dare even attempt. Even in the more conventional moments here – the frenetic ‘Life Is Boring’, the aforementioned ‘Poor Innocent Boys’ – are awash with layer upon layer of unconventional noise. And then there’s closer ‘Time Of Our Lives’ – a song that begins its life as a genuine, piano-led weepy, then builds and builds into a waltzing mini-epic. For all the musical adventure that precedes it, it’s, y’know, moving. “That’s another thing which is important,” points out Phil, “Every song on the record is a true fucking story.”

So no, not Shoreditch trendies. Not fashonistas. Just one of the most forward thinking British guitar bands in Britain today."

Myself, i'd have to agree, they do make fantastic, forward thinking guitar music for anyone who's into, well, guitar music. However, they're on of those bands that have the depth of knowledge and the ability to transcend genre and appeal to to fans of many genres, such as notable acts such as Klaxons (who kitsune also picked up and released early singles by a long time ago) who are, arguably the band of the year in terms of success story and in terms of their fantastic, Mercury Music Award winning album, Myths Of The Near Future. Any fan of said band, or new acts (also picked up by Kitsune and mentioned earlier) such as The Whip or Late of the Pier would be churlish not to investigate the talent of Cazals.

Cazals - To Cut A Long Story Short (Xtopher Mix)

You can also check out the video to new single, To Cut A Long Story Short here:

Cazals - To Cut A Long Story Short (Video)

To finish, i think a few deatials of their upocoming schedule and release dates, so you know exactly when to get involved!

06 Dec 07 Kobe World Memorial Hall supporting Daft Punk Kobe
08 Dec 07 Makuhari Messe Event Hall supporting Daft Punk Tokyo
09 Dec 07 Makuhari Messe Event Hall supporting Daft Punk Tokyo

Upcoming releases (only in UK) :
'To Cut A Long Story Short' - Dec 17th 2007
' Life Is Boring' - March 3 rd 2008
' What Of Our Future' (album) March 17th 2008

Take care,




Sunday, 9 December 2007


Is a bit rubbish, but i'm going back there tomorrow for the first time in a while until later in the week, so the chances are i will have little to say that would be worthwhile. One could, of course, argue that this is the case generally, though i like to think otherwise.

We had a friends birthday last night in The Cedar Room on Upper Street. That was pretty fun, i did get absolutely spannered though and stumbled home at six in the morning unable to drink anything else and having pinched far too many cigarettes from people. Oh well, you have to indulge yourself sometimes i suppose... Apologies for anything ridiculous i may have said/done. A repeat of last Saturday would not be what is needed right now...

Anyhow, music. A friend of mine commented about this track a little while ago, saying it was the greatest thing he'd heard in a while. It took me a little longer to get round to listening t it (about a day) but it was worth it. Definitely the best thing Justice have done for a little while (though their Klaxons remix was good, not great though. I do like it though, don't worry). I'm talking of their remix of Vicarious Bliss' "Theme from Vicarious Bliss." Nice scuzzy bassline rolling through with good use of the amusing vocals and drops in nicely. Not exactly a massive dancefloor banger, but certainly great to listen at home through some nice speakers or massive headphones, though i think it would still go a treat mid-set in any electro set. Investigate.

Vicarious Bliss - Theme from Vicarious bliss (Justice remix)

And, to finish, a nice mix by Nottingham Duo Nightmoves (on Kitsune) who are basically... great. It seems to be quite a chilled out mix, which makes it great for for listening to with a book or something of that kind of nature. See what you think.

Nightmoves Chins Up Disco Mix




Friday, 7 December 2007

Stop gap...

Times are strange right now. To the point where i am considering going back to Norfolk to clear my head. And to top it all off, having been annoyed about Fox n' Wolf (Kitsune records) having to cancel a rare live appearance earlier in the year at Adventures In The Beetroot Field at Fabric, i was sent this link:

Fox n' Wolf Live

Which has annoyed more, because let's be honest, that looks like one of the most insane and amazing live shows ever. Definitely one to put on the christmas wishlist!

Some good news is that hopefully i might be getting sent some nice, shiny new tunes all for your listening pleasure as of next week. I'll let you know more, but keep your eyes peeled in the meantime.

I don't feel quit right not having written about Late of the Pier in such a long time, but finally we have some news. Faley has started an exciting little blog under the Zarcorp name, with a wide variety of music to encounter. Get involved. Here's a taster of the page:

Late of the Pier - Broken (Live at the bodega social with full intro)

Unfortunately though, no live stuff for a while i think. A shame, but Bolt Action Five have gigs coming up, so hooray for them and the fact that they're one of the best bands in London right now. Good news about the '5 actually, but i am waiting for confirmation of certain details before i tell you all. Sit tight!

I think that's about it for now...

Take care,



Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Chewy Chocolate Cookies

The Lovely fellows from Chewy Chocolate Cookies have very kindly drooped me off a fresh copy of their brand new remix of Portuguese band, Loto. Who are, in their words:

"... the coolest band in Portugal, they are massive in
the land of the "francesinha" (it's a traditional
portuguese dish)
Their latest CD "Beat Riot" is out now, and it includes
huge collaborations with a couple of big names,
Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order) and Del Marquis
(Scissor Sisters)..enough!?"

See what you think. The remix has effectively taken the original, cut up and splice the vocals over the top a an absolute banger. I'm think you should probably go and have a listen to it, come prepared with your dancing shoes though, chances are you'll be wanting them.

Loto - Back To Disco (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix)

In other news, The Daze played at Bloomsbury Bowls last night, and played a standard set of greatness. Some of you really need to see these guys live if you have interest in the genres of rock/pop/dance or blues. Do it!




Saturday, 1 December 2007


Is not my favourtie artist of all time. Very true. However, get a few guys wit a little too much time on their hands to cover her smash hit "Umbrella" and watch a mini-phenomenon occur.

Ou Est le Swimming Pool did just this back early on in the summer and i'm having to post it up again due to demand. So if you didn't investigate first time, maybe now is the time to do so. Yeah?

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Umbrella