Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Was big! Then really quiet, but whatever. We did Voodoo on Friday at The Last Days Of Decadence which, i think, went pretty well. Jac the disco and Plimsouls started things of nicely with laid back electro-tech sets that kept the spirits upbeat until Adam Kesher finally opened up the main room downstairs. I heard "Local Girl" coming up through the floor boards and bolted downstairs in time to catch most of the song. It was awesome and the band pretty much nailed the rest of the set, despite having to play without a drummer which i can only assume is a little unnatural for them.

With that coming to an end, Youth Attack!! picked things up on the ground floor playing a nice set of dark electro, including Proxy's "Dance in the Dark" and their remix of Late Of the Pier's "Focker" which had me jumping around like the fool that i am. We like these guys a lot and hope to have them down again soon! All the while Thick As Thiees are doing their usual thing and slaying the dancefloor with bangers left, right and center. Meaning that i was quite surprised people had any energy left by the time Foamo came on. They did, however, and things only got more insane as Master gibbon proceeded to destroy the dancefloor with an unnerving ability for one so young!

Then we got Andy George closing up the main room, words aren't really needed to describe this gentlemen as there's nothing to say that i haven't said before. Andy brought the lace to it's knees, and rarely will you see so many people so happy to have been pushed to dance that hard for that long!

Bizarely, while all this was going on downstairs, upstairs was doing it's own little line in revelations, a line not even we could could have predicted. Mystery Jets were doing their thing as usual and generally having a good time when someone rather special rolled in and decided to get involved in a spot of mixing. It was Erol Alkan.


Not only did he really top off the night, but he was an absolute gentleman as well and a pleasure to talk to. Coming with him was Faley, of LOTP fame, and i haven't seen that fellow since about October, so it was good to be able to catch up with him to, before Med Damon cosed the night in his usual style, loudly. TO put it bluntly, it was fucking good and i can't wait for the next Voodoo on 15th August. I'll shout you the line up as soon as i'm sure it's for public release, safe to say that's it's, feasibly, even better.

The only downside of the night really was a poor soundsystem, but that is hopefully going to be fixed ext time round and things will be even better then. Nice.

Thick As Thieves July Mix


1. The Black Ghosts - I Want Nothing (Jackbeats' Miami Vice Mix)
2. Fake Blood - Mars
3. Don Rimini - Let Me Back Up (Crookers Remix)
4. Altern-8 - Frequency (Hostage Remix)
5. Foamo - Moving it over here
6. The Proxy - Dancing In The Dack
7. Machines Don't Care - Afrojacker
8. Jape - Floating (D.I.M Remix)
9. Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning (Peaches Remix)
10. Boy 8-Bit - Bulbs Burn Out
11. Outlander - Vamp
12. Idiotproof - The Decon (Duke Dumont Remix)
13. Shadow Dancer - Cowbois
14. Space - Magic Fly


The rest of the weekend was reasonably uneventful. Saw Kung-Fu Panda at the cinema and it's as typically average and watchable as you'd expect a Dreamworks animation to be. So, it's basically all about Wall-E now, which is going to be very cool. I'm excited, i may even break my trend of waiting a week or two so i can have the cinema more or less to myself and head off to watch it on the opening weekend.
Yesterday, however, i went of to Water Rats to catch Lovvers and Fucked Up. I petty much missed Lovvers (as i went down a bit late because, as usual, no one wants to come and see a hardcore band because you're all lame, yep, all of you, and i didn't want to sit on my own for ours as it gets very tedious) but the last track sounded cool and the inensity of the performance looked impressive to. But what would you expect from ex-members of Murder of Rosa Luxembourg?

Fucked Up lived up to their reputation and destroyed the place with tracks like "Two Snakes" that are serious hardcore anthems. The highlights probably being them running "David comes to Life" into "Invisible Leader" as per on the on their last album and everyone going so nuts i'm pretty certain i had my face squashed on the stage about twenty times. It's a good thing. Also watchng a very large man(Pink Eyes the vocalist) beig picked up and carried b the crowd. It's not every day a very large, very topless, very hairy man http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifwill enrapture people to the point they spontaneously pick him up of the stage and carry him about. That and one of the three guitarists throing himself into th mellee, landing on his back on outstreched hands and staying there for a few minutes without missing a note. Oh, and some kid asking, "Have you done "David comes to Life?"
"I'm afraid we played that one already, sorry."
"Can you do it again?"

Cue much ammusement.

Yeah, Fucked Up are incredible. I thought we'd got away with a bloodless show this time as well, until i got home and found one side of brand new dunks covered in someone else's blood. Yummy.

Fucked Up - David Come's To Life

Fucked Up - Ivisible Leader

Hope that read's ok. feels like a while since a wrote a longer piece...

Oh, and while we're on the topic of Fucked Up, i rather like this piece NME did baout them as part of their Tales Of The Jackalope festival last year. I feel they knew how to deal with them about as well as te security they mention...

"In the dying moments of their aborted gig, brick-outhouse-shaped Fucked Up singer Damian Abraham makes the sign of the cross to the baying crowd, holds a slab of chipboard at his forehead, and in one brutal movement brains it in two, just before he’s hustled from the stage, as an angry rain of bottles fall on security. Three songs in, Fucked Up have fucked-out, the plug pulled, we hear, because of noise complaints from Jackalope’s fucking-miles-away neighbours. Headbutting the front row and clambering into the pit probably didn’t help his cause. In terms of hardcore hardcore bands, Fucked Up make Gallows look like S Club Juniors."





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