Friday, 25 July 2008

Kue it

Been checking out this guy recently, DJ Kue, who come to us all the way from San Jose. Bringing an interesting sound and a fresh take on the current wave of house and electro we'r all rocking over here at the moment. Seemingly he's only been producing since 2004 and has come up with some serious trump cards in the shape of "Lovers Break" and his remix of "Low Rider" entitled, "Riding Low". Very cool stuff with huge, grimey synths running through it but all with a really upbeat and poppy melody at the centre as well. We like!

DJ Kue - Riding Low

DJ Kue - Lover's Break

On a completely unrelated note, i saw the funniest road rage incident ever last week, as a taxi stopped in the middle of the road in Muswell Hill so his passenger could use an ATM. Some white van man couldn't take the 30 second wait though, climbed out of his van and started smacking the driver in the face through the window before heading back to his vehicle. At this point the taxi driver decided it would be a good idea to leave his cab (and passenger) in the middle of the road and call the police while standing in front of the van, leaving it unable to move and resulting in HUGE tailbacks on both sides of the road.

Of course, being the good citizen that i am, i simply stood back and laughed at the ridiculous of the situation and at how pathetic people can be about staying still for the shortest periods of time. Oh, and the idiocy of the cab driver in the first place..

What strange times we live in.




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