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So, today... that post i mentioned about Mightyfools is going up! Woop. I have to admit, i can't give you a detailed background on the lovely Dutch duo. I can tell you that they used to mix under the moniker, "Man Eat Dj & Jizm ", which is utterly delightful. I think i'm a little more down with the Mightyfools name under which they're now playing. Other than that, they make wicked tunes, which they describe as "Idol/Flamenco/Chinese Traditional" I'd disagree and opt for something ore along the lines of jacking house. But, whatever works for you, you know?

So, if you enjoyed yesterday's bits and pieces, these two will definitely be worth looking into. First we have DMX getting twisted up with jumping house beats. So you get DMX shouting as loudly as usual then, as well as some massive basslines.

DMX - Up In Here (Mightyfools Remix)

and a slightly more techy take on the genre with their Kelis do-over.

Kelis - Milkshake (Man Eat DJ & Jizm Remix)

Which leaves one more for tomorrow. Nicely done.

Voodoo in two days and i am excited. Very excited, especially as Adam Kesher are now confirmed as the live special guests. Go have a listen to Local Girl on their Myspace player.

Also, if anyone's still walking after friday, there's Last One In Is A rotten Egg at 333 on the Saturday as well. It's hosted by Jac The Disco who are going to opening up Voodoo from 9:00 - 9:45. They've also kindly donated this mix for Plastic Cowboys.

Jac The Disco Mix (Zshare i'm afraid)


01 Intro
02 Duke Dumont -Feltham
03 DJ Sega - Be
04 Bobmo - Legally Dead for 4'31
05 Crookers - Love to Edit
06 Mr Oizo - M-Seq
07 Samantha Fu - Theme from Discotheque
08 Strip Steve - Tommy Boy
09 Giorgio Moroder - I Wanna Rock You

Find out more about them here:

Jac The Disco

and their clubnight here:

Last One In Is A Rotten Egg

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