Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Milosh - Iii

Milosh – Iii

Underneath the odd name and rather unpleasant artwork of this record lies a fairly beautiful interior. Coming across as a sort of Electro-folk artist, with the emphasis heavy on the electronic side of things as the folkishness of it is created through soundscapes rather than some bearded hippy with a guitar.

Each track seems to build, dream-like, slowly and progressively until it reaches a state of pure electronic ambience that is so delicate one almost hesitates to breath in case the spell it weaves is broken. A nice change for these times of brash electro, offensive punk, drab indie and worse… well, stadium sized bands (you know who you are), bringing a small piece of tranquillity into our busy lives as a lush oasis bursting out of a harsh, sand laded desert.

Not, perhaps, the most essential output of the year, however, well worth a look in for anyone who has ever enjoyed Air at any point of their life, or perhaps Boards of Canada and their ilk. To me though, it smacks of being a record with a delicate touch and subtlety that your average persons “chill out” band, The Postal Service, Could only dream of and will always chase, but never reach as very few people have the ability to weave the understated and fragile melodies Milosh has here. A beautiful piece, for darker times.

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