Monday, 21 July 2008


Just heard the new Guns n' Bombs single. Sounds ace, possibly better than the "Nothing is Getting Us Anywhere/Crossover Appeal" split. It's out September, keep your eyes open.

Was a weird one. for starters there was the pretty poor lineup, but as it finished at around 10 or so on both days and started at... well, i'm not sure, but the afternoons seemed to go pretty quick, meaning that it was easy enough to pass the day watching decent artists.

Saturday was a bit dry as i was deeply hungover, having drunk far too much before dollop and housed a small aferparty round mine and Thick As Thieves were staying sober for the Lovebox DJ competition at The End that night. We caught a bit of Mylo, who rocked some good tunes and was followed by Beardyman's beatboxing antics. Anyone who can get a tent full of people singing the Home And Away theme at 6 in the evening gets my vote! Eventually they were followed by Midnight Juggernauts who were pretty late due to one of their number ending up at the wrong airport. Disappointingly, the Institubes trio are a bit poor this evening. The sound isn't great and the tunes seem to lack any real low-end and feel very flat. Maybe another day.

After that we decided to skip Young Blood Brass Band and head off to get some food before hitting the end for the Lovebox DJ competition. Saw some interesting DJs and The Glimmers. Thick As Thieves rocked it much harder than anyone, really getting the dancefloor going. They didn't win, however, some might say it was quite literally robbed from them. I have a feeling things are going to work out for the best anyway. Watch this space...

Sunday was a different matter all together, as there was no hangover/competitions to wory about that evening, so that called for vodka and a few beers on the way and i think we'd put away a full bottle about fifteen minutes after walking through the gates whilst rocking out to Mehdi in some large-ass tent. That single set totally won me over (as i've not been a fan of Mehdi since seeing seeing him very much drop the ball at Fresh Out Of Death a couple of years ago).
Post my faith-restoration, Aussies Pnau take the stage and are everything Midnight Juggernauts should have been. Big electro songs are jacked out to the crowd in the live band format (though you'd be hard pushed to tell it was a band if you kept your eyes closed, things didn't quite seem to add up on the live front.. but who knows), either way they rocked it hard. Which set the stage nicely for Herve to come and batter us into submission with plenty of incredibly nasty jacking house.

So far so good... However, The Flaming Lips was a bit of a disappointment as the sound was terrible and their stage show looked mad, but doesn't work in the daytime (that'll be a big gripe with the London day festivals, they all finish so early the headliners always play in the light which more or less ruins the effect all the lighting may have had etc). Yoshimi Battles Pink Robots was cool though.

It was b to the Lovebunny arena after that where we caught some Talking Heads being pumped out and ran into Herve who quickly introduced us to Drop the Lime and Drums Of Death. A trio of true gentlemen. So much love t them for being very sound guys, keeping us laughing for over an hour and inviting us to come out with them (alas we were too poor) and a night in the notorious Dolphin pub ensued. Not a shabby weekend by anyone's standards.

As for some tunage, well... Thick As Thieves banged this out o Saturday evening and it was possibly my favourite moment of the evening (other than that immense build in D.I.M.'s "My People" mix).

Little Boots - Stuck On Repeat (Fake Blood Remix)

Hopefully much more to come this week, as i seem to have collected a whole bunch of stuff that i rather like last week.



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