Tuesday, 8 July 2008


Everyone loves Late Of The Pier right? Probably. Focker doesn't seem to have been remixed in too many shapes and sizes, which i find slightly odd due to the nature of it being very awesome. A few have slippd by though, including a Youth Attack!! on i put up, but has since expired so must upload that again i suppose.

I also know that Boys Noize has done something with it as i seem to remember it being on Digitalism's new Kistsune mix tape (yep, Kitsune have started a mixtape series), but haven't got a copy of it yet. Aside from that, Pete Carvell has done a weird, slightly techy mix that makes good use of the breakdown from the end of the original, which it slams fairly hard into after a decent build up.

Late Of the Pier - Focker (Pete Carvell's Focking Gash remix)

(Mighty Fools go to party, drink too much, get lost and someone takes a photo...)

Other than that, i've been listening to some interesting new house stuff over the last week, the best of which is probably Math Head, though i haven't got round to picking up any of his stuff yet. Rest assured, it's bordering on insane!

Stuff i have picked up is that ammusing and fun remix of Bad Boy for Life by La Mode. Good summer time tune i think. As well as some stuff by Mighty fools, who may just go on to big things, after this remix of Oh Snap!'s 'I'm Too Fat To Be A Hipster". It's not bad at all.

Oh Snap! - I'm Too fat To Be A Hipster (Mighty Fools Remix)

and we also have a hostage remix of another Oh Snap! track,"Bill Cosby Sweater, (worth it for the title alone, no?) big, BIG song!

Oh Snap! - Bill Cosby Sweater (Hostage remix)

Um, that's it for now, other than to say, go check the Voodoo post and pick up all the stuff from there so you know what's coming on Friday. Exciting stuff! Well, i'm excited anyway.

Big weekend behind Plastic cowboys right now, going to need about a week to recover...

So more tomorrow!




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