Sunday, 1 June 2008

Big Monster

I have a feeling that this is one of those albums that is going to go down as one that changed a genre for ever. The Breaks scene has seemingly been off the boil for a while now, and sensing this, Baobinga & ID have stood up and vowed to do something about it. This record screams of genre-bending originality from the off. Opening with what seems not so much of a song, but and statement, “Carve Your Name” instantly tells you that this is not going to be a stereotypical album. From the haunting drum under which the pulsating, ambient melody of the song slowly opens up and already you find yourself floating away on what promises to be a truly special journey. We’re swiftly thrown back into the thick of things though with “Recognise” which drops in like sounding like something that fidget-master Dave “Switch” Taylor would proudly call his own. Moving on, we are treated to elements of electro that outdo a lot big name acts on the scene, before moving through a touch of minimal before single “Jump Up Get Hype”, a breaks infused grime track with suitably grubby vocals form Virus Syndicate drops in to devastating effect. The second half of the album mixes electro-breaks and ambient interludes to great effect before closing on the stunning “Into The Air” which slowly builds and morphs into a beautiful piece of electronica that would sit happily alongside some of the more blessed out moments form Nathan Fakes incredible “Drowning In A Sea Of Love” record from 2005. Despite the range of styles on show here, never once does “Big Monster” feel contrived or forced which is testament to Baobinga & ID’s talent and foresight. These men and this record are destined to bring that breath of fresh air that the Breaks scene so desperately needs, and now, with the boundaries between genres lower than ever before, is the perfect time for them to strike.




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