Friday, 13 June 2008

Gun Club

Probably something that'll be familiar to any of you still based in the Nottingham area. London seems to on more of a Guns for show, knives for a pro" flex at the moment though.

Anyway, with that aside, Sinister records puts out another devastating trackwith it's next release, Sam Hell's rather excellent "Gun Club". Opening with the original, a rather exciting piece bass scuzzy, synth-laden electro-house that builds quickly to the main section of the song with plenty of tweaks and twurks that give bring a fairly acid-house edge to the song. It then drops away in the middle before slamming back in heavier than ever and sounding immensely brutal even over a stereo, i'd hate to think what this is going to to dancefloors...

Following it up, we have a mix form Hedflux which take the track a little deeper, whilst retaining the various edges of the original, leaving it still razor sharp.
Badlands probably walk away with the best mix of the package, as their distinctly wonky house version of the original is unrelenting it's attack and brilliance. Expect to see this in every self respecting house djs record bag soon.
Finishing us of is the Rektchordz mix, which a fairly nasty affair of heavy synths and a slightly broken beat running underneath leaving plenty of room for it to be dropped in any set, from breakbeat through electro and house and even perhaps the odd loud tech set.

Another magnificent example showing how one record can contain several different styles of music which would all fit in a wide variety of sets. This is probably going to be an essential piece of many sets across the summer months and beyond.




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