Monday, 30 June 2008

July 11th

Is Voodoo time! And this is set to be the best one yet, with a line up looking as follows:

Mystery Jets DJ

If you haven't caught wind of this lot by now you've clearly been hiding under a rock somewhere far away for about four years. Their second, Erol Alkan produced, album hit the shops recently along with a plethora of heavy singles to accompany it, all of witch are perfect remix fodder as the likes of Switch, The Shoes, Riton and Duke Dumont have already noted. Feasibly, this could become 2008's "Myths Of the Near Future". Oh yes.

>Mystery Jets - Hideaway (Switch Mix (in case you haven't picked it up yet...))

Andy George

The Hottest thing to come out of the UK since Daft Punk bigged up Kissy Sell Out. And not in terms of scene points. At the age of 21 this gentlemen is one of the best DJs you'll see around, his mixing is sublime (almost scarily good), his production work massive and his remixing equally so and is already lined up to play big sets in Ibiza all summer. Probably the set of the night to queue up for, challenged possibly though, by...

Andy George - Big Dipper (HiJack Remix)


Another upcoming UK producer/DJ who is turning everything he touches to solid gold right now. With a few singles on every DJs playlist right now and a Primary 1 remix which is already set to be in everyone's end of year top 10 mixes, this man can do no wrong and knows how to pack a punch on the decks as well. These two guys remind you that England is frequently at the forefront of musical innovation and their sets will show you why.

Foamo Summer Mixtape


Bristol's new producer extraordinaire, with an ever increasing and impressive list of official remixes under his belt and a pretty extensive production list to top it off, Plimsouls is going places... fast. . We're excited. Plastic Cowboys have been behind him for over a year, almost since day one and are very pleased to be helping bring to you only his his second ever London set.

Med Damon

Snap, Crackle and Pop's most sought after resident, it seems everyone wants this guy to play their party right now and, guess what, on the 11th, he's playing ours. Expect losts and lots of massive jacking house.

Youth Attack!!

Young upstarts from up north take big tracks and make them louder and more offensive. Awesome. See, their mix of LOTP's Focker for an idea of what they're about.

Late Of The Pier - Focker (Youth Attack!! Remix)

Shadow Dancer - Daytime Drinking (Youth Attack!! Mix)

Thick As Thieves

Voodoo's founders, and big name DJs in the making, these two are getting sets all round the counrty right now, and justly so. go download their Style Noir mix from the myspace page to see why.

Alongside all this, there is also:

Lost In Paris DJ set (Pure groove)
Robin Jessup (Campari Safari/Transmission)

You'll be able to find all of this, and more (yeah, that's right, there's more to be announced over the next couple of weeks as well) on 11th July at Last Days Of Decadence (formally Ditch Bar), 145 Shoreditch High Street. Come down and start the weekend in style with some of the Uk's fastest rising stars.

All details on the flyer below, note £3 guestlist. Message me if you're interest, email is on the blog, or facebook me hard.

See you there.




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