Monday, 23 June 2008

Big News...

Or something. This week PLSTC CWBYS T-shirts are finally unveiled in real, tangeable, wear them yourself format. I like this.

They're going to look something like this:

Which is super cool. I'm quite excited about putting mine on and probably never taking it off until i earn some money and do another batch ripping off MSTRKRFT, as above.

So to celebrate this fact i'm going to stick up my favourite tune of the moment which is...

Mystery Jets - Hand Me Down (Riton Remix)

and Fatihless - Insomnia (Raffertie's !WRONG! Bass Dub)

Acctally, they're not my favourite tracks at the moment. They're just ace, i think i'll write about my serious top tracks in individual articles or something. We'll see.

Hope you're all well.



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