Thursday, 15 May 2008

Space and the Woods... again?

Do we really need more of this track. i know it's genius, but it was so overplayed around a year/6 months ago that, frankly, it became the low point of their set for me. The one track the few people that used to turn up to their gigs that everyone knew, before they turned into record label gold, left me lagging for bigger, better and less well kown tracks like The Bears Are Coming, Bathroom Gurgle, Heartbeat, Flicker, Line and opener, Broken.

Still, enough bitching, it's still one of the greatest pop songs to be released this decade, and by four, slightly odd (though lovely) skinny chaps from outside Nottingham. Very bizarre.

Anyhow, it's impending re-release (yes, re-release. Way Out West put it out on 7" over a year ago. limited to 500 copies it sold out rather quickly, honestly, try getting your hands on one of those. Very hard, i was lucky at the time i think) has seen a plethora of new remixes. I think there was well over ten this time last year, most of which were... bad. So i' wasn't optimistic about this new lot. And, if i'm honest, i feel this pecimism is justified. Far beyond my place be it to critisise fidgit house's joint overlord (let's not forget it's founder, Jesse Rose people) but Switch's mix, while being one of the better one's lacks everything that makes a Switch remix so good. Lacking are the stabbing beats, pulsating base lines (for the most part) and jackin' fidgit synths and superb and sparing use of the vocal line. If you want to hear him at his best, go investigate his Mystery Jets, Radioclit or Ben Westbeech remixes. They absolutely kill it. This does not.


Better, is Primary 1's bizarre and psychodelic, slowed down, take on it which will be perfect for weirding you out on you post night out comedown. Pretty genius in some respects this is definitely my pick of the bunch.

See what you think, anyhow.

Late Of The Pier - Space and the Woods (Switch Remix)

Late Of The Pier - Space and the Woods (Primary 1 remix)

Plimsouls has also blessed us with some of his new tracks, including... yeah. you guessed it, a Mystery Jets remix. Delving darker than he has before, the young Bristolian embraces the more minimal side of electro, abandoning some his more traditional 8-bit-esque blips and bleeps in favour of a deeper, more haunting sound that would fare well with the more hardcore among us on Fabric dance floors when it's reached that hour when you can only look at watch ironically, as it's so late in the morning it's beyond being funny. Or, put more simply, I like!

Plimsouls - Ah!

And that's me done for the moment as i have to bolt down some dinne rand see my buddies in Operahouse be better than The Duke Spirit at Proud Galleries in Camden (though, admittedly, Lloyd is not such an alluring frontwoman).



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definitely agree on the switch comment, he's gone down hill lately.