Tuesday, 1 May 2007

the other half...

It's about time I had my two cents, I shall stand in Chuck's shadow no more. It's been a bit of an epic weekend. Dissertations in thursday, meant Chuck and I were out scaling the walls of Nottingham once again. We kicked off with Dollop @ The Social on Friday night, Man Like Me tore it up, supported by the digital skills of D'Lex, Bigger than jesus and dem bhoys from Fresh Out of Death. Wicked atmosphere in The Social as per, with Man Like Me doing the whole 'north London geezer in a fez' routine, which I have to say worked for me. Furthermore my balls are tingling in anticipation of the Dollop room at next weekend's 'Detonate Indoor Festival'. I'm gunna do laps basically; the line-up is headed-up by Digitalism and supported by the likes of Nightmoves (Kitsune) and Miss Odd Kidd. Off the hook anyone?
So yeah, the night was pretty shameless, finishing with a bit of a do back at mine.

A couple of appropriate tid bits:

and of course

Kissy Sell Out - Get Ready For The K-Hole


The fun continued into saturday. Pre-lash in 'the circus' saw the plastic cowboys (mostly Chuck, sorry about that mate) take the decks for the first time. Humble beginnings perhaps but we all have start somewhere.
Later we moved on to firefly for Ivan Smagghe and friends, the weekend hit terminal velocity. Smagghe did not disappoint, I can't really write in detail about the set because quite frankly, I was pretty fuct. However I was certainly left with a pleasant taste in my mouth, and the crowd seemed to be loving it. Paco Osuna followed him up with a really dirty techno-ish set. Not too techno, but techno enough to get your rocks off. The usual firefly DJs rounded things off competently, although some motherfucker player Billie Jean at some point?!? What the fuck was that about? All in all an epic weekend.

Next weekend....
The aforementioned Detonate Indoor Festival is on at stealth on sunday, which if you like DnB will be amazing! If like me you don't it will still be amazing. Also Fresh Out of Death on Friday night downstairs in the social. Pretty much the coolest night around these parts at the moment.

So yeah that's about it from me really...

A couple more tid bits to keep you happy. The Teenagers video for their track Homecoming. This track has been remixed by just about everyone mostly because it's fucking cool. The video isn't much different and although it's been posted about a million times all over the place, here it is again!!

Also another Kissy sell out remix. I'm sorry I feel like I only listen to Kissy Sell Out, but he's just so damn good! This is probably my fave track at the moment.

Good Books - Leni (Kissy Sell Out remix)


this bumblbeez rmx of the Soft Tigers, nice bit of a summer track perhaps?

Soft Tigers - Maria (Bumblebeez rmx)

dav out


kristoff said...

what a circus set you played young chuck.

what was that billy jean shit about?

Chuck said...

Cheers squire. Haha.

As to the billie jean shit... no ideas. I don't remember as i was too busy being too mashed and, most likely, falling over...