Saturday, 21 April 2007

It's late i know...

but i'm bored and paticularly irritated by the ending of the new Lost episode (How rubbish is that!). Anyway, i'm just sitting here waiting for tiredness to set in listning to some tunes i picked up yesterday from the fluo kids blog. I'm glad i found it as it seems this band have some kind of large anti-myspace feeing and thus no profile. Called The Tough Alliance, there's two tracks up on the fluo kids blog (basically, this blog is the shit!) "Koka-Kola Veins" and "Silly Crimes" and anyone who's partial to some "happy pop," as it's described, could do a lot worse than this. If you hit up fluo kids scoll a little way down and you should find a small piece i've pretty much plagiarized and those two tracks. They've also got an album for sale, released last year apparently. If the rest of the material is anything like what i've heard it was probably the most under rated album of 2006. Seemingly quite hard to get hold of as no shop in this country seems to know much about them and they've not had a UK release, you can buy some of their stuff on the Service label site, it seems they occasioanly throw the odd freebie in with orders as well, being as they are such nice people.




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