Thursday, 3 May 2007

This and that...

Having been, well, reasonably quiet (last two posts aside) over the last ten days or so, i'm feeling a bit itchy fingered and feel like writing some more. This time it's, going to be good and bad list of recent times, like the last week or something. Who knows, it may even become a regular feature...

Anyway, the good:

1) Getting the Tough Alliance Album "The New School" direct from the label when no one else i asked seemed to be able to get hold of a copy (selectadisc included) and them also throwing in the new Embassy singleand a shiny badge for free. Love it. It's also a great album. Anyone likes them and wants more details, just ask.

2) The Cleft Palettes remix of BAF's Tree Freind Tree Foe. Basically because it employs most of my favourite things in one slamming mix.

3) Man Like Me kicking out an awesome set, giving away free t-shirts, wearing a fez and performing half a song with no trousers.

Bad stuff:

1) Handing in a dissertation but still having 9000 words of other essays.

2) Not being able to see Digitalism rock the Detonate indoor festival. (see above)

3) Having missed Coachella due to my dissertation.

Weird week. Here's to the next one being over and some serious partying at Fresh out of Death (ZOmbie Disco Squad. Woop!) and Does it offend you, yeah? at Stealth Vs. Rescued.



P.S. NME slate Does it offend... 's new single for sounding too like daft punk. 1) Is this a bad thing and 2) Why is it alright when digitalism do it. (I know Digitalism are better/more established than DIOYY? but fuck it, they still rock. And anyway, Se7en sounds far more Oizo influenced anyway...

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