Monday, 14 May 2007

I love my bed

The weekend was pretty epic, ergo, i've been in bed a lot hyping, ergo, a couple of bits and pieces to share with you.
First up, just got the new mstrkrft remix off, this is so fresh it's got Pete Tong talking over it, still definately worth a listen though!

Justice - D.A.N.C.E (mstrkrft remix)

You can buy more Mstr Krft stuff here or here!

The video to the original is pretty cool as well and makes the blog look all nice and pretty.

(A robot friend of mine hyped me the leak of Justice's new album last night as well. I'm sure its pretty illegal, there will be some posting at some point, just when i'm sure we won't be sued)


Keeping on the French theme (as usual) Teenage Bad Girl, who have been doing the blog rounds for quite a while, released their debut LP last month on Citizen Records and is definately worth checking out. They've got a really dark, dirty and typically French electro sound. A nasty piece of filth to get your rocks off to. Here's a couple of tidbits to get you hyped up.

Teenage Bad Girl - Tales From The Pigs

Teenage Bad Girl - Cocotte (Boyz Noise rework)

Buy Cocotte here!


Another band that I (and everyone else it seems) am really excited about is NYC based Battles (not to be confused with shit brit-indie rock act Battle). Battles have a got a really unique sound that on paper really should work, but sooo does. Dirty drum beats, and weird squarky vocals, mixed in with what seems like about a million other instruments. Their debut LP was out on monday, so hype this shit up and get your own copy!

Battles - Atlas

Battles - Ddiamondd

Buy here, here or here.


One last thing that it think deserves a mention is fellow blogspot, DJs ABX and DJ STV SLV have made a trade of mashing up some really unlikely tracks, namely electro/indie with gangster rap. You really wouldn't expect it to work, but more often than not it really does.

A couple of my favourites:


DJ STV SLV - We Share Our Mother's Jumper Cables


ABX - That's That Whirlwind


ellie said...

hmm... not sure how i feel about aesop rock vs the knife but i'll keep listening and see if i change my mind. on the topic of gangsta vs indie/electro you heard much 'girl talk'? really good stuff- not white labels but samples. about a million little samples... lots of good stuff.

dav said...

No I haven't actually, I will have to check it out. Thanks for the hype, and do keep listening to that knife mix its wiiiiiicked!

The D.E.V. said...

the snoop doggy dizzle track is quite quirky, its growing on me... + nice find with the hood internet blog!

The D.E.V. said...

btw its .com not .net for the link aswell fella... Adiós!