Tuesday, 1 May 2007


Fame has found me, finally! Acctually, not strictly true. Bolt Action Five have, though, now got a nice, shiny (lies again, camera phone in a dark stealth means interesting green effects...) picture of me on their blog at HERE which IS nice and shiny and has some fun downloads for all to enjoy, recomendations go in paticular to the Cleft Palettes and Princess Superstar remixes of their first single "Tree Friend Tree Foe" and, ofcourse, their own maertial which is all ace.

Anyway, before this entire blog becomes a love for the afforementioned band, i'd like to drop a few words about some quality remixers doing the rounds at the moment.

First up, The Cleft Palettes are knocking out some quality mixes in a very bleepy computer game style that i'm pretty sure will sit well with fans of Crystal Castles and Surkin's bleepier stuff (see "Otaku" here). Check out the afforementioned Bolt Action mix (to be put up at some point) which keeps all the nasty, scuzzy metal-esque elements of the original and adds some filthy drums along with what might be the best synth line this side of Van Halen's "Jump", simply, you can't not check these guys out. Word on the street is that they are going to start reeling off tracks of their own in the near future which greatly excites the NES fan in me. To top it off they're also rocking dancefloors accross the capital and generally being pretty savage. Go HERE for more, and possibly downloads, my memory has failed me on that front.

Anyway, that remix, Bolt Action Five - Tree Friend Tree Foe (The Cleft Palettes remix)

Next up would be the charms of Sluttt, who i found recently through a paticularly fantastic mix of the already great "Weed, Wine and Wankers" by the lovely Miss Odd Kidd. Turning a great track into a slamming electro/grime monster is always a good thing in my books and she does this kind of thing fantastically well. See also her mix of The Teenagers "Homecoming" which she also turns into something utterly devastating! More at her myspace page

Closing credits go to red Foxx who has been doing wonderfull work with mid-90s electronica such as Olive and Everything But The girl (you know you love this stuff) an giving them a cutting edge touch whilst mainting the values of the original track. Great stuff. Myspace is up at this address unless i've made some kind of horrible error. Either way, it's still the shit, so get on it and get into it.

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