Sunday, 6 May 2007

Nights out in Nottingham

Deserve a mention, mainly because some of them are totally ace. Today shall be concentratin, perhaps mainly, on Fresh Out of Death and also Dollop. I reckon these are possibly two of the best nights out in Nottingham at the moment, depending on your tastes of course. Drum and Bass/dubstep fans are likely to get their kicks out of the detonate nights and pure techno heads are going to be all over firefly with Braks fans the same with the lovely spectrum. But they're all very established.

Firstly, the more established of the two nights, Dollop has been running for two years now at the social and has put on quite the array of acts over these two years, from the just past Man Like Me extravaganza, !!! djs, resident D'lex, Goose FC Kahuna and Ed Banger favourite,Uffie. Not to mention the massive Digitalism heading up the Dollop stage at todays MASSIVE Detonate indoor festival. TO be honest, i'm not quite sure how these guys have managed to get some of these artists playing at the farily small venue of The Social (Pelham Street, just off market square) without having queues stretching sizable distances, my conclusion being that people are either lazy, working far too hard or aren't hearing about the line-ups...

Anyway, the night has never failed to anything less than great fun with general party vibes all round you're going to struggle not to enjoy this one, so why not get up and head down to the Social on May 25th for the Vice party there with Mr. Flash , Friendly Fires and Nottingham's own Late of the Pier (DJ set i believe, come check out Faley's new skills!) and Nightmoves and have a post (or mid) exam party. You know it's the best way to not only have a great night, but to get in the mood for the Dot to Dot festival happening on the 27th.

Fresh Out Of Death is a new night in Nottingham, based in Stealth, celebrating all things techno and (mainly) electro. With only two nights under it's nelt so far it has has already been a resounding succes. Whilst the first night was perhaps not as busy as one might like, it was still a full on party and those who ventured out had a wicked time with London's Zombie Disco Squad and from the epic BOSH! night at the Old Blue Last in Old Street Tapedeck. By the time they hosted their second event, however, word seem to have spread that this was the place to be and it was nice and busy and the dancefloor was rammed until the early hours with people dancing themsleves stupid (though my memory fails me slightly, nailing aftershock after too much beer seems to create a hazy veil over it). With their third instalment coming up this Friday the inside of stealth is being turned into an '80s computer game wonderland and will have to be seen to be believed and to follow up on the 8th of June we're being treated to DJ Mehdi (Ed Banger) as well as Punks Jump Up and Nightmoves (both on Kitsune, both great, links to both on the kitsune myspace) as well as locals Late of the Pier (again, DJing i believe...). And if all this doesn't tempt anyone, they also give away tonnes of free crap on the door, including mix cds, glo sticks, fluoro masks amongst other things. So come down, to both, it beats sitting around in your grimey local and have a shit load of fun, then go back again and again!



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