Tuesday, 27 January 2009


What is about France. I spent years listening to Hardcore punk and France rarely featured on my radar. I mean hardly ever to the point where i can not think of a single band from "surrender side" which i used to listen to back then.

Now, conversely, i don't seem to be able to retreat from the country's inescapable shadow. Yes, France would certainly seem to have the electro and pop market down to a fine art. I'm not quite sure who to blame for this, maybe Daft Punk? Regardless, i'm still going to sit here and revel in it.

I have, of late, been spending many hours listening to Minitel Rose. There isn't a great deal of information about them on their myspace page, but no doubt they have been around for ages and i'm running with the ball a bit behind the crowd on this. Either way, i'm not too fussed as they seem to have a knack for writing rather intriguing new wave pop tunes. Take "Magic Powder" for instance, a track that seems to based around a whistle. Now, i know Claude Von Stroke has proved to some degree that this can be a viable concept if you're good enough but two such songs in a couple of years. I think not. Except... "Magic Powder" is an absolutely brilliant and immediate piece of French-pop. Wonderful.

They have various remixes of bands such as The Teenagers and Of Montreal as well which are rather marvelous listens also.

Minitel Rose - Magic Powder

Of Montreal - gallery Piece (Minitel Rose Remix)

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