Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The return of Boys Noize, less than, secret weapon

Yeah, it seems D.I.M. is back on the scene with a remix of Hot Chip, who seem to be be the band to take on at the moment. Having recently (ish) been mixed by Fake Blood, Switch, Ewan Pearson and lord knows who else, D.I.M. comes along with an interesting take on "Hold On".

Hot Chip - Hold On (D.I.M. remix)

Seemingly abandoning his intense and bass loaded work of previous outings, he has approached this one from a very funky and laid back, almost disco-esque, perspective and it works rather well. I'm not sure it's his finest piece, but it is certainly a nice break from the seemingly endless and uninteresting copycats that the market is persistently flooded with.

Other than that, i saw the best set i've seen in a long time on Saturday. This was from Peter Visti at Loose, spinning an absolutely genius set of deep electronic disco. I didn't know a single track but my jaw was on the floor for the entire set more or less. Very cool. I can not recommend Peter or Loose enough, as not only was Jutus Kohncke playing as well, but previous guests include the likes of Aeroplane, Severino, Namedrop & Benoit, Dan Hill, Tom Mangan, Frank Tope, Sound Stream, Pete Herbert, Maelstrom, Greg Wilson, Maurice Fulton, Phoreski, The Cosmic Truth, Moustache Mamas, Joakim, Simon Rigg, Ajello, Gavin Herlihy, Phil Mison, Jimpster, Palmskin, Richard Sen, Future Beat Alliance etc.

Pretty ace, right?

Peter Visti - Tokyo By Night




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