Tuesday, 6 January 2009

La Mode

The Australian upstarts responsible for that massive P.Diddy remix that was 1) Awesome and 2) Inescapable have shot over a new mix they've done. This one got me pretty excited as they have taken on a track by The Shoes this time, and we love the shoes after their Primary 1 remix and "Knock Out" which were both massive tunes! Oh, and let's not forget their wonderfully melodious remix of Mystery jets "Young Love" also. Very good times indeed.

Anyhow, La Mode have, with this, taken the base of the original and turned it into a delightful little piece of electronic pop music. Nothing complicated, they have simply shown their understanding of what makes a brilliant pop track. And as, on a good day, you simply can not beat an upbeat piece of pop music to get your day on track I think this is a fantastic work.

The Shoes - People Movin' (La Mode Remix)

Also new out yesterday is Disco Wizards new piece which, frankly, is the biggest and best thing they have done yet in my opinion. A six minute piece of unrelenting electro that is likely to cause devastation wherever it finds itself. Be afraid.

Disco Wizards - Computer Box Michael




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