Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Is upon us at last, here to get rid of this fairly shit year that has been 2008. Summed up, unfortunately by:

When a year summed up by:

would have been a lot nicer. Though it was close, for me anyway.

Despite the fact that it brought us great albums from the likes of Late Of The Pier, Hot Chip, Foals, Vampire Weekend, Rolo Tomassi, Fucked Up, These New Puirtans, Crystal Castles, Friendly Fires, Metronomy, some brilliant fabric comps from Luciano, Ame and more, The Death Set and a fairly average one from MGMT with sme stupendous moments. amongst the many more i've forgotten down to alcohol abuse and a terrible memory bordering on brain damaged.

As there have already been a slew of end of year "best of..." lists flying around i really can not be bothered to spend the time on one as per last year which took me fucking hours (around 5 of them, no lie). So just a few categories that i feel like with a winner for each.


Weirdest sight of the year:

Watching a drunk dwarf singing a cheesy commercial house single into the microphone to Pink Eyes on stage in the middle of a Fucked Up gig in The Barfly in Camden.

Band person i am most in love with:

Alice from Crystal Castles. If you've seen them live you'll know.

Best gig:

Rolo Tomassi album launch at The Old Blue Last In September. 250 people crammed into an 80 odd capacity room, all going mental to one of the best bands around at the moment. Then a long after party all night, all over London resulting in crawling home at 7:30 am on a Tueday morning. Oh, and Rage Against The Machine at reading was so good i cried. Again, that's not a lie.

Worst thing:

Well, it's not the worst, but it's what i'm putting. Not getting a full time job so being ridiculously poor for the last few months. And having a friend in and out of l'hopital too much recently. That sucked.

Best thing:

Getting KiD COLA played on Radio 1 by Kissy Sell Out. Not bad!

Nicest people:

Probably Youth Attack, closely followed by Urchins. Although Andy George and most of the Lincoln crew seem ridiculously sound as well.

Best musical thing:

Foamo's Mystery Jets remix doesn't get old. I seemingly can't get of enough of Juri Hulkkonen's mix of This Boy's In Love either. And seeing KiD COLA's Secret Machines Remix get the reception it did was pretty special to.

Best thing in 2009:

Is definitely going to be KiD COLA. Watch out.

And to see you in to the new year... how about some odd minimal stuff?

Minilogue - Jamaica

Massive Attack - Teardrop (Minilogue Remix)

I think i'm going to be at 333 with Trevor Loveys, Mowgli, Hijack, We Have Band, You Love Her Cuz She's Dead and many more tonight, so if you're around come and say hi. Though i'll also be paying fleeting visits to Brixton Academy for Operahouse and The Old Blue Last for Youves (Mirror!Mirror!) and Rolo Tomassi. And possibly Gash Vs. Skill Wizard... Deary me.

Happy 2009 to all.




P.S. Another big shout out Kissy Sell Out for the KiD COLA support.

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