Monday, 8 December 2008

I Love Cambridge and Texas

My boy KiD COLA has come out with another slamming remix, time round of Crystal Fighters' "I Love London" and it's pretty grubby.

Using a cocktail of vocals and percussion and general quirks from the original combined with his gritty, crunching bass and trademark drum build ups, it is a progression on the slightly more traditional format of the previous output.

Check it:

Crystal Fighters - I Love London (KiD COLA Remix)

Bird Peterson has been doing his thing slightly off my radar recently, but is coming back with his first UK tour in February and with new material that sounds absolutely massive! Check this bass loaded monstrosity for hints at what to expect when he's over.

Bird Peterson - Shooked

Catch him a Chew The Fat! at Corsica Studios on 6th February with Fake Blood, Foamo, Zomby, A1 Bassline and more! Can't reeeeaaaally afford to miss that line up, can you?

You can pick up a brand new mix which, frankly, is getting my feet itchy for that Corsica Studios' dancefloor already, right here and exclusively:

Bird Peterson's exclusive UK tour mix




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alex badlands said...


Actually venue hasn't quite been confirmed yet, may be at Corsica may not - for more info soon :)