Monday, 1 December 2008

SO, Sinden's remix of this 2008 classic is finally on the shelves for you to pick out at a time of your choosing. I recommend doing it now before every other blog picks up on the pairing of these two hype machine favourites.

That's right, here is Sinden's re-work of Township Funk.

Mujava - Township Funk (Sinden Remix)

I'll let you make up your own thoughts on it, does it work, woesn't it? You decide.

This, however, is definitely wobbly as fuck! But what wuld you expect from Trouble and Bass All Stars. AC Slater takes on remixing duites of Hear Me, from Drop The Lime's Recent "Hear Me EP", Just thik of the low end possibilities, AC Slater's trademrk distorted synth/bass sound couple with DTL's bass wobbles, like Rolf Harris if he used synths instead of a board and wasn't on a par with Noel Edmounds

Drop The Lime - Hear Me (AC Slater Remix)

Also, i've just noticed that, on Hype Machine, there are a lot of blogs out there who clearly have a loose grasp on English and have mistaken Ewan Pearson's remix of Hot Chips "Touch Too Much" for one of "Hold On" which does not exist. Switch remixed Hold ON, and it's... ok. Wonky as hell, but not amazing. Stick to the Hideaway edit for the time being.

Oh, and this is a bit good. Finally Udachi does something i genuinely like.

Jason Tyler - Run Around (Udachi Remix)




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