Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Post Year Years @ Durrr

Wow, I swear that either this band have written a load of new songs since I last saw them in September or they’ve developed a speed habit and a nervous twitch to boot, either way their live show has developed in leaps and bonds since the first and last times I’ve seen them. Coming across like Foals if they’d spent their youth listening to The Blood Brothers more angular works and drinking way, way too much coffee. This is, of course is good thing and results in songs so sharp standing near the stage becomes a scary proposition. Then the first song finishes and a more traditional set up appears (at this point they’ve been playing with two basses, a roland sample box and a drummer), though adding guitars into the equation simply adds to the complexity of the song writing, the angular jerkiness of the music and the movements of the band and ups the noise levels even higher. Two songs in and I am one happy young man, even after a nightmare train journey back from Cambridge meaning I nearly missed the gig, but all is well again at this point.

About two thirds of the way trough the set the frontman seems to cut his finger open and a kind young lady in the audience reaches into her bag and passes him a plaster which he duly places his on his injured finger, noting that it’s not rock and roll unless the blood is streaming from head down you arms and over your t-shirt. Frankly, what’s rock and roll about running you equipment with your own blood when you’re an up and coming band is beyond me so I’m very much down with plasters for frontmen.
Things all carry on as, what I guess can only be described as, normal for the rest of the set, until they start to wrap up the set and pull out big guns “You and Me Both” and “The Black Morning” (I think this is right) which gets the lethargic, post-bank holiday crowd raising hands in the air, singing along and dancing around. A fine achievement I feel, as before I walked in I wasn’t even sure if I wasn’t going to sit in a heap in a corner of The End and feel sorry for myself until Post War Years Came on.

Simply, this youthful bunch make great use of their obvious talent , frequently swapping between guitars, sample, synths and keys and utilising tri-vocal harmonies I feel that it’s not going to be long before this band breaks the realms of merely being a god band and do something truly special as Foals (not an ideal, but, I feel, a just comparison) as recently. If you get the chance, go and see them play at The Social in London this Thursday as you might just discover something rather exciting.

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