Thursday, 1 May 2008

....And after the war, they came.


So, i've been checking out this new band, Post War Years recently. A few of you Nottingham people might know them from when they played just over a year ago up at the Social for Care In The Community. I think a good starting point for sound is Mystery Jets, though this lot are more experimental with big synth lines rolling through over tight, angular guitar rhythms. Not bad at all if you ask me. Well worth a look in.

They've also supported Late Of The Pier in London (reckon you know them), and are laying at Erol Alkan's Trash replacement night Durrr this Bank Holiday Monday then at The Social (the London one) on Thursday afterwards. I think either of these would be well worth a look in to catch a band that are going to be making waves this year. Catch while they're small so you can say you were there at the start (i made the same comment about Late Of the Pier around a year ago, you know i'm right!). So, yeah, hope to see you at one of the shows.

To top it off, just for you, we have the video for Black Morning:

And a grat track of theirs, You And Me Both:

Post War Years - You And Me Both

Check 'em.




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