Thursday, 1 May 2008


Been listening to a lot of Invasion recently as they're one of the most exciting bands in the UK right now. Absolutely stunning live show. Basically, Invasion are bring the thrash to 2008.

Five songs, nine minutes. That’s what you see when you load this into your itunes. Immediately I’m thinking, this must be fast and too the point. I’m right., though admittedly I have the advantage of having seen them live twice. This ep is really quite something, coming across like the bastard child of Slayer, Black Sabbath and some wailing ‘70’s soul. Opening track “Moongazer” starts up with a menacing riff before the drums pound in and the verse rolls. Then the chorus drops. From here on out things go mad, the distortion kicks in the vocals are belted out by their frontwoman and it all sounds… well, incredible. Three Gold Dragons, probably my pick of the bunch is one minute and twenty three minutes of stop start thrash that leaves you breathless and gasping for more, while the rest of the record does little to let you stand back and get that much needed breath of air (you might pinch it at the start of Battle Control if you’re lucky…). Then it’s over and all you do is dash to your record collection (or store if you don’t own a copy) for “reign In Blood” which is one of the few records that’ll give you the same visceral rush. Alternatively, go check out their stunning live show. It quite something, it truly is. Essential.

Invasion - Six Red Wizards

Invasion Three Gold Dragons




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