Sunday, 13 April 2008

Holy fuck

Am i tired? Barely managed to crawl out of bed today. Not good. I guess that what happens after combining full days of work with full nights of partying in London.

Gone by over the course of the week, we saw Portasound, Invasion, Ezra Bang And Hot Machine, Tired Irie and Andy George at Voodoo, The Death Set at Pure Groove live and Vice Kills and possibly some over stuff i've forgotten. More on that later. In the meantime...


Yep, Felix is back with a new version of his original banger, Marylin Monroe and a brand new mini mix for you.

Stupidisco Mini Mix


Dj Mehdi- Signatune (Thomas Bangalter Edit)
Soulwax Nite Versions- Krack
Justice- DVNO
The Source feat. Candi Stanton- You've Got The Love
SebastiAn- Walkman
Daft Punk- Da Funk
La Priest- Engine (Erol Alkan's Transonic Re-edit)
Justice- We Are Your Friends
Kissy Sellout- Get Busy Tropicana
David Lowe- BBC News 24 Theme

Stupidisco - Marylin Monroe (Exclusive Vocal Edit)

Best get involved i think.

Wednesday's show at Voodoo (held at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen) showed us Portasound playing their last live show for a while they they work on some new tracks and the odd remix. Which is good, in that they'll have some spectacular new tracks when they reappear, and bad, in that we won't see them again for a couple of months as their show was very much fun to watch, even playing their Late OF the Pier remix live for us which was pretty special. That shouldn't detract from their own material which is easily of at least the same caliber and they should have a single coming out on our new friends Lost In Paris Records in the next few months. I'll be back to see them again asap.

Portasounds reix of LOTP's Broken

Invasion bettered their performance from Club Motherfucker's 5th birthday and are probably going to be the band that make metal cool again. Seriously, you need to see these guys, they make onme hell of an awesome noise. while Ezra Bang And Hot Machine proved themselves to be, more or less, the Hip-Hop equivalent of Invasion. Same applies here.

>Invasion - Three Gold Dragons

Tired Irie i wasn't too sure about in advance, however, they proved that they are completely worthy of any Foals comparisons that are thrown their way and you can expect to here a lot more about this lot over the next 12 months.

The Death set on Thursday was insane, with good things like Johnny hanging upside down for the ceiling for tracks and playing others on his band mates shoulders. Whereas on Friday i was a little drunk and don't remember the set as well, needless to say i went mental and found myself several tube stops away with no idea how i got there. Good times.

I was going to put some more photos of their Uk shows up, then decided it against it. The video of their intro is much better and needs to be seen to be believed.

Later this week we have the awesome SMK, who are pretty much like hot chip on crack crossed with too much time spent in front of old nintendos. This is going down at the MacBeth on Hoxton road, and as these guys just wowed people across the country opening for Late of The Pier and playing nights such Dollop around London, this is not a show to miss as they won't be playing venues this intimate for much longer.

SMK myspace


Speaking of Dollop, the only reason to miss SMK is if your saving yourself to party hard at dollop at the Old Blue Last on the Friday., with Icelandic electro party legends Steed Lord. They even have their own fashion label and, yes, it is ridiculously awesome.

Love, as always,



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