Monday, 28 April 2008

Due to.. issue with you account you service has been suspended.

Yep, i've been reading that every day for over a week now. It's really quite a depressing site, which means my ability to check out new stuff has been somewhat diminished. Still, i think i've found one or two bits and pieces you might like.

I know how The Secret Handshake's Summer of '98 has gone down pretty well with a lot of the people i've played it to, so i've unearthed a few more.

Mainly by Crookers, Riton, The Bloody Beetroots and... someone ive forgotten. I'll get back to you on that.

These two for now as they're fairly banging,

The Secret Handshake - Summer of '98 (Crookers Remix)

The Secret Handshake - Summer of '98 (Artist to be revealed at a later date...)

Sooooo, recently we've had London oddballs, My Panda Shall Fly at dollop, who describe themselves as "Ambient, Experimental Electronica" which pretty much works. This band are a must for anyone who's into remotely interesting music, post-rock/shoegaze, or anything warp records has ev
er released. Or if you just like to check out exciting new bands.

Then we had Dj Guy at Deadly Rhythm Vs. Yo Mama. I got there as FOOD Soundsystem were closing up what seemed to have been a fairly wicked set, i can't believe how much this lot have improved since i last saw them and can really crack out the mixes now, hence their addition, this week, to the NLLR Mixtape project's roster as their 47th guests.

Check it all here:

Deadly Rhythm

Fresh out Of Death Soundsystem

Post that was, i think, Playa Playa who also rocked it for and hour or so before DJ Guy took over and slammed in some devastating Miami Bass through the rest of the night. Unfortunateley jaeger shots have fuzzed up my memories a little here, but i remember not standing still, at all for most of the night. I think that speaks for itself.
Due to The Old Blue closing early... all the time, we headed off to a brick lane bar after where i found i had no cash at all (still don't. Shit) so we ammused ourselves by paying bucking bronko with some old geezer who'd passed out on a sofa before getting lost in Whitechapel and finally making it back to hackney at 4 in the morning, where drunken phonecalls took place on the doorstep, not in the house. Why?

FOOD Soundsystem NLLR Mixtape


01. Masters At Work - "Work"
02. Fagget Fairys "Samo Ti (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)"
03. Wing Wang Twins - "Bmore Enur (Extended Sinusitis Mix)"
04. DJ Tameil - "Santana's Whistle"
05. Aaron LaCrate & Debonair Samir ft. YoungMC - "Know How Theme"
06. Shawty Lo - "Dey Know (Million $ Mano Remix)"
07. Jokers Of The Scene - "Juggle It (William Russell Remix)"
08. Tomb Crew - "Inna dat"
09. Destroy Disco - "But I Ain't"
10. Outwork VS. Alp - "Fiesta Elektronika (Paolo Aliberti Reprise Mix)"
11. Lee Mortimer - "Fully Automated (Oliver $ Remix)"
12. Primary 1 - "Hold Me Down (Foamo Remix)"
13. Riva Starr - "Scratch n Itch"
14. René van Munster - "Grasscourt Blues"
15. Jaymo - "Tuned in Live"
16. Alter Ego - "Fuckingham Palace (Scatteredit)"
17. Nightcrawlers - "Push The Feeling On (Jak-z Remix)"
18. Nic Sarno - "Watch This (HiJack Remix)"
19. Kelis - "Milkshake (Man Eat DJ & Jizm Remix)"

While i'm still on a Saturday flex, here's a couple of tunes i got that morning (I think, it may have been Friday, i can't remember stuff these days).

Wiley - Wearing My Rolex (The Shoes Remix 2.0)

Underworld - Ring Road (Laidback Luke Remix)

Until the next post (give it an hour)




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