Thursday, 3 April 2008

The Brunettes

So, two gigs proper this week. The Brunettes on Tuesday and The Death Set on Friday.

The Brunettes, i'm not quite sure what to say about this lot as i don't know their music well and i had to leave before the end of their set in order to catch the last tube home (W10 to E8...). What i did see however, was Sub Pop's new signings from New Zealand play a sublime set of fairly Broken Social Scene, or perhaps even more Stars, inspired indie-pop songs. With a total of... five members, i believe, with a mixture of male and female vocals and an array of electronics used for what mainly seemed like subtle undertones and brass samples which worked incredibly well, they were a very enaging live band i'd really like to see again to catch a full set, perhaps armed with a greater knowledge of their music and perhaps even a few more beers.

The Death Set on Friday was an interesting one, playing alongside Pivot (Warp Records) and White Demin (who apparently just killed it at SXSW and are gennerally making a bit of a name for themselvs), there was a fairly sizable crowd (I say that, it was pretty fucking busy acctually!) up until White Denim left the stage, at which point a lot of people seemed to leave. It was very much their loss. Pivot definitely intrigued me, comig accross like an dense, electronic post rock act for the ADD generation. I liked it.

Pivot - Monteocre

White Demin... frankly, i'm not really sure what all the fuss is about. I mean, they do what they do vey well, and there's no denying they are talented individuals, But there was nothing new there, i felt. Just a rehashed version of the last burst of garage rock we had a few years ago, done well. I was faintly indifferent, though their bassist had a cool X-Men t-shirt on, so kudos for that.

The Death Set came on and burst into Impossible and proceeded to smash out almost every classic track from their previous two records as well as a few new ones which sound easily as good as anything you've heard from them before whilst Johnny proceeds to run around, jump on as much stuff as possible and get in the crowd and play there as well. Highlights, particularly, come in the form of Paranoia, Negative Thinking and Collision, though one could pick almost anything as a highlight. The absence of Distressed (by late night television or otherwise) seemed strange but i couldn't argue with anything else outside of being unable to go and see them the day after as well. Roll on next week and let the inevitable chaos ensue. They're going to be at the MaBeth on Hoxton Road on Thursday for the Lost In Paris night and at Proud galeris he day after. Hope to see you at both. If you want to see a visual representation of the fun you'll have, check the above picture.

The Death Set - Collision

The Death Set - Paranoia

Also, i think this might be one of my favourite moments from TV in the last few years.

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