Thursday, 6 March 2008

...and they've done it again

Yeah, first things first today. Justice, you know them i reckon, have recently added the video for forthcoming single and outstanding album track DVNO up on their myspace page, so head their now Justice myspace page and watch it, then come back and read te rest of the the post. Awesome, awesome video, not sure if it trumps D.A.N.C.E. but it sure as hell is asgood as.

And now, here starts post proper. This week we have, fresh from the oven, a brand new track entitled Down And Out In Paris And London by our good friend Stupidisco. And this time.. it's a nother cracking slice of nasty electro that sounds like Justice beating the hell out of Kissy Sell Out with the dirty bass stick. And you can't deny that sounds like a good time all round. Investigate!

Stupidisco - Down And Out In Paris And London

Other than that, i'm pretty much still buzzing off the Neon Neon stuff. I have a copy of The Whip's new album, haven't given it a thorough listen yet, but it's sounds like you'd expect, like their live show. Pretty cool most of the way through with a few standout points.

I did see Late of the Pier last week which was, as usual, awesome. Opening band Slagmalsklubben (SMK from here, i hope you understand my reasons as to why) i had been wanting to see for a long time since missing them support Franz and Shape (i think) at dollop many months ago. They did not dissapoint, getting the crowd jumping at 8 30 with their bubbly electro that sounded, and looked, like hpt chip on uppers, swigging bottles of JD. More please.

Can't say i caught the Video Nasties and nothing that filtered through to th bar encouraged me to go listen so.. moving on.

LOTP, once again, nailed it, though this time they had a large room full of people going nuts, not just me. Piling through their, now, classic old songs like their was no tomorrow and driving the crowd wild their live show has improved beyond what was an amazing show anyhow. The set was, of course, interjected with three or four new tacks which all sounded very promising for the upcoming new album, though perhaps a little less epilectic than their previous efforts. I'm going to see if i can't get hold of one or two of these new tracks, though i feel my chances are slim. All the more reason for you to go and try and catch them live i suppose, which i strongly encourage as i think i've caught them about 15/16 time sin the last year and have never once been disappointed or even got remotely tired of them.

Tonight, GAHS! at the MacBeth with Shitting Fists, Trencher, Notts very own Tomb Crew and St8Necklin' crew. Oh yeah, this is going to be a heavy show. I'm excited.

On a random tangent, Girl Talk have managed to sample Hole and make
them not sound too shit. Quite the achievement i think.

Girl Talk - Cleveland Shake

And up and coming "fidgit house" geezer named after the kid from most peoples favourite old school Disney film, The Jungle Book, has banged out a slamming remix of THe Chemical Brothers "Do it Again" very nice indeed. Just wait for the wobbly bass drop, that'll get yor neck moving.

The Chemical Brothers - Do It Again (Mowgli Mix)

I think that's it for now...

Oh wait, i can also recommend hyped up and coming Baltimore act, and this isn't some bass wobbling beat mashing bunch, The Death Set. Diplo meets Trencher with these nutty thrash/punk/pop oddities. Go and see them if you get the chance, they're fantastic.
a The Death Set - Distressed (Bonde De Role Mix)

And while i'm getting carried away, Estaw have made the Artful Dodger not only listenable, but wicked fun and nasty (though it has been cut short...)

Artful Dodger - Flex (Estaw Mix)

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