Monday, 10 March 2008

Another weekend down...

Wow, i managed a weekend in Nottingham that i can remember. Well done me. And thank god, because i payed money to see Switch, and made it up to finally catch him! Though i was a little apprehensive, having heard various storis of him not turning up, or getting too wrecked to play... Thankfully, for this Spectrum, he was on fire, kicking out dancefloor slayers form the moment he stepped up to the decks. The highlight being, of course, when his Radioclit - Divine Gosa remix slammed in and everyone went nuts. Though the Ben Westbeech mix was, sadly, missing. Stanton Warriors came on after this, so i made a shar exit and headed of to Dollop at Stealth to catch the filthy Dukes and be gutted that i'd missed Primary 1 and The Shoes (again). Definitely a good move, the Filthy Dukes did their usual thing of banging out a lot of storming electro and we all danced away like fools! Good times. So thanks to Tanith and friends, the 2nd year Crew and dollop friends for a fairly banging Friday.

I can also confirm that i do not like Gatecrasher. Spectrum didn't really work there for me. Everything is badly laid out so that as soon as the venue is remotely busy it's almost impossible to walk anywhere., the bar's were few, far between and understaffed and the vibe was different from the usual, upbeat spectrum style, too many muscley, tight shirted chavs looking for fights and such.

Oh well, dollop and afterparties made amends for this.

DJ Blaqstarr - shake It To The Ground (Switch & Santogold remix)

Bolt Action Five (Our Favourites) playing Club Motherfucker.

Saturday involved a trip to Club Motherfucker's 5th birthday having had precisely 2 hours nap. I felt odd indeed. A few beers was definitely a big help though, and soon Invasion took to the stage to open preceedings (after hearing Friendly Fires - Photobooth for the first time in ages, it still sounds fantastic) and, frankly, they were awesome, pounding rhythms and low end punk guitars with a more soulful Ninja (The GO! Team) vocal style, and a good old fashioned Micro Korg for good measure. Defintiely the band of the evening. Dead Kids showed themselves to be the next overhyped indie breakthrough band and Ipso/facto... well, i'd heard nothing but promising things from these supposed psychedelic, lofi garage ladies, but it all sounded like a dreary run through 30 years of punk. I think i'm going to give them another chance though. Listening to them on myspace i feel there may be something there.

Cant find any invasion tracks, but they write songs about spells, moons, scary woods and wizards, which makes them awesome. Just like that. So go and listen at INVASION myspace

Boys Noize, (remember him?) has remixed Apparat. This is amazing. a 12 minute epic piece of music, possibly the greatest thing he's done to date.

Apparat - Arcadia (Boys Noize Mix)

That's pretty much it for now, except going to the previous post and making sure you have the Stupidisco track from it. Then the Deathset stuff. I'm really digging those guys right now, Can't wait for them to come back to England.

Yeassayer are playing tonight and i'm basically too poor to see them, and i have other commitments. This basically sucks. Friends can be stupid sometimes.

The wideboys could be the next big thing to hit the world of naaaasty bass. Watch it, yeah?





Anonymous said...

hostey. hello its kate, good to see you on friday, though i agree gatecrasher ust aint as good as spectrum is it really. keep in touch anyway and hopefully catch you for a drink in laandaan taan innit.

Anonymous said...

*stealth not spec