Friday, 28 March 2008

Dollop and that

Hmmm, it's all got a bit late this time round, but it does seem having a job really cuts into blog writing time. Nevermind.

Anyhow, 'twas Dollop at the Old Blue again last Friday with probably the most eclectic line up i've seen at a dollop night.First up, we had THe XX, who sounded nothing at all like i expected. From what i'd read and heard about them i was expecting some very trendy, possibly quite generic indie-electro stuff. Thankfully, i was completely wrong and i found myself confronted with some beautifully crafted indie works. The stage show isn't entirely worked through, as their drum production guy and rhythm guitarist/keys player find themslev
es lifless at the side of the stage when lead singer guitarist Romy, and Bassist/backing vocalist Oliver, take the lead for very one or two lo-fi tracks,looking rather lost. A minor quibble though, as the songs were fantastic and engaging enough in their own right. Expect to hear a lot more from this lot this year.

The XX - Blood Red Moon

Next up, Le Couteau Jaune. I don't quite know where to start with this lot, but to say it's the most insane thing i've ever witnessed is utterly accurate. Appearing on stage in costumes involving oversized shopping bags printed with the word "CUNT" in large letteirng, various styles of headgear, all bizarre, leggings, make up, face paint, reavling dresses, cans of whipped cream... well, you get the jist. And what would you expect from the man who run Adaadat Records and his cohorts. The acctual show seemed to involve playing the tracks on a laptop, which were efectively poppy glitch (boy does that sound weird) with rolling bassline samples over the top while the members proceed to spray cream everywhere, run/roll aound in the crowd and yelp at random intervals beofre taking their trousers off. If you think you can handle it you should check them out as the whole thing is quite hilarious!

Closing the live proceedings for the evening were Grovesnor stars of Hot Chip's acclaimed DJ Kikcks mix. These guys are, simply, pretty damn stunning live. Mixing elements of electro, funk, indie and more into a boiling pot of genius and have come out with something pretty special. Riding a nice groove the whole way through the set , we were treated to nightmoves (their DJ Kicks track) second in the set which, for me anyway, was definitely the highlight. I like that people are starting to take a subtler approach to the indie-electro bag now as a lot of the maximal, in your face stuff can get a bit tedious now unless it's something extra special. So many kudos to Grovesnor for being, well, ace!

Here's a little slice of Grovesnor godness, given the Baltimore go-over by Bird Peterson who di that ace mix of Wu'Tang's ...Ain't Nothing To Fuck

Grovesnor - Nitemoves (Bird Peterson Remix)

I also braved a hideously "New Rave" crowd the other day to catch George Pringle after, dissapointingly, missing her at Fabric last Thursday. She was fantastic, having a surprising ammount of stage presence for a single, petit, lady and running through her set of delightfully lo-fi electronic indie gems with her quite unigue style of spoken streams of consciousness over the top. It was, frankly, a great set. However, things were spoilt somehat by louts in stupid, brightly coloured new era caps (you know the sort) telling her to stop, get off and shut up beofre loudly proclaiming that "I'd still fuck her though," Charming. Everyone hates you, why don't you fuck off? Luckily Miss Pringle seems quite adept at dealing with hecklers so things turned out ok in the end i reckon.
DIOY,Y? weren't bad and i didn't even bother with new indie act Cut Off Your Hands. What's the point? I do have DIOY,Y?'s new record though, and i think to sum it up: Does Our Album Of Mainly Quite Indie Tracks Offend You, Yeah? Not really boys, but it's not a bad record.

George Pringle - I'm Very Scared Buster, Yes At Last

And if you're in Notts tonight, DO NOT MISS THIS!!!!

Chances are that this will be the smallest ahow Midnight Juggernaughts will ever play in this country from here on in, so i think it's advisable to see one of the finest acts on Paris' excellent Institubes label (Also featured on the roster are Para One, Surkin, Bobmo, Orgasmic and more) and these Australians (soon to move over here from what i gather) are destined for bigger and greater things. Yes yes.

That's about all for now i think. More soon hopefully.

Oh, acctually, designs for the logo on the t-shirts i'm getting printed are looking wicked, so if anyone's interested in one, do drop me a line.

And finally this time, R.I.P. Bolt Action Action Five who have, regretably, split after a months of inactivity. I wish them the best of luck for future projects, including Dan's new effort, Danimal Kingdom




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