Sunday, 9 December 2007


Is a bit rubbish, but i'm going back there tomorrow for the first time in a while until later in the week, so the chances are i will have little to say that would be worthwhile. One could, of course, argue that this is the case generally, though i like to think otherwise.

We had a friends birthday last night in The Cedar Room on Upper Street. That was pretty fun, i did get absolutely spannered though and stumbled home at six in the morning unable to drink anything else and having pinched far too many cigarettes from people. Oh well, you have to indulge yourself sometimes i suppose... Apologies for anything ridiculous i may have said/done. A repeat of last Saturday would not be what is needed right now...

Anyhow, music. A friend of mine commented about this track a little while ago, saying it was the greatest thing he'd heard in a while. It took me a little longer to get round to listening t it (about a day) but it was worth it. Definitely the best thing Justice have done for a little while (though their Klaxons remix was good, not great though. I do like it though, don't worry). I'm talking of their remix of Vicarious Bliss' "Theme from Vicarious Bliss." Nice scuzzy bassline rolling through with good use of the amusing vocals and drops in nicely. Not exactly a massive dancefloor banger, but certainly great to listen at home through some nice speakers or massive headphones, though i think it would still go a treat mid-set in any electro set. Investigate.

Vicarious Bliss - Theme from Vicarious bliss (Justice remix)

And, to finish, a nice mix by Nottingham Duo Nightmoves (on Kitsune) who are basically... great. It seems to be quite a chilled out mix, which makes it great for for listening to with a book or something of that kind of nature. See what you think.

Nightmoves Chins Up Disco Mix




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