Sunday, 30 December 2007

More Plimsouls

Plimsouls has treated us to some new material, late in the year. One could regard as a christmas treat of sorts, if you like.

Anyhow, the young guy from Bristol is really coming into his own and i think exciting things may start to happen for him this year. Coming though with a much more techy take on his traditional sound , have the tracks 3000 and Illin'.

3000 is if you can imagine it, what would happen if that steve bug remix of The Creeps - Freaks climbed into a blender with Sinden & Count of Monte Cristal. Making good use of some nasty, tech sounds with a female vocal, beat and bassline straight out of the Dave "Switch" taylor school of how to write a fucking Banger. Oh yes. The more traditional Plimsouls bleeps start to come out past the half way mark and proceed to lift the song and, i can only imagine, get your feet moving.

Plimsouls - 3000

Illin' is in a similar vein and just as good, with a particularly, and long, drop which i enjoy every time! Can't wait to see what's coming next if he keeps on improving at this rate.

Plimsouls - Illin'

Get him to play your party!





Fikir said...

someone has probably already told you this but the link to Hadouken's MySpace that you have listed is not the band. It is some random guy...xx

Chuck said...

Cheers. I'll fix it now.