Friday, 14 December 2007

New records that i have got recently.

First, and probably foremost, is Daft Punk's Alive 2007. I keep reading reviews of this saying that listening to this on a high volume is somewhat akin to being back in the field/stadium/wherever you saw this show (if you were lucky enough to catch it) and you need but close your eyes to experience the award winning visuals all over again. To be honest, i have some good live albums, but i though, "That can't be right, i was there and it was the greatest thing ever. How can a cd possibly live up to that experience?" Well, to be blunt, it does. It really, really does. The sound is absolutely fantastic, testament to Daft Punk's mixing, production and recording skills. Each song has been recorded as flawlessly as it was mixed on the night and the crowd noise has been left in also,but left in at the perfect level and at the exact right moments so as not to distract from the music, but merely to enhance the listening experience and so one can imagine oneself to be back in the crowd at the gig. Honestly, I think the only air way to sum up this record is with one word:


Or how iDJ decided to, "If santa doesn't get yo this for christmas, he really does hate you."

Unfortunately something seems to be amiss with this album, and that is that it sold out in the space of a matter of days. It think that it is now having to be repressed and won't be around again until after christmas, though you can still get copies from itunes i imagine and form Amazon So, i can't recommend enough that you buy this album now. And get the new Burial record while you're at it.

I though i'd through this track in as it's a nice slow burner in between two massive bangers, so you'll get an idea of what's going on without hearing too much of the really juicy bits of the set.

Daft Punk - Too Long/Steam Machine.

Next up is ATTACK DECAY SUSTAIN RELEASE. I know this came out months ago but i only managed to get a copy yesterday, having finally got bored of dodgy mp3s that frequently skip to the next track halfway through. Boo. And guess what, it's a great album. TO be fair, any album that opens with a track like Sleep Deprivation is probably going to be a little bit good. Throw in, It's the Beat, Hotdog, Tits & Acid and I Believe as well and , basically, you're in for a treat. A nice stocking filler for anyone with half an ear.

SMD - Sleep Deprivation

My newest record of all dropped this morning in the post, Kitsune Maison 5! Oh yes. And you what, i think it may be the best yet. Admittedly, for some reason, only one of the two 12" discs came through, but that disc includes ace remixes of songs by Late Of The Pier, Digitalism, Cazals, and MIA and great straight up tracks from the likes of Rex the Dog, KID, David E. Sugar and Fischerspooner. So far, every tracks is very, very worth your time and attention. So maybe this will be a nice post-christmas treat for yourself with some of our christmas money you get from Grandma. It's a choice you will NOT regret!

Digitalism - Pogo (Sinichi Osawa edit)




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