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Cazals Album Exclusive!

Cazals, a british guitar band, signed to Kitsune Records have a long history with big names on the Birtish indie scene and are tired of the association, wisely choosing to be looked upon as a great band in their own right. With a line up that not only encompases thrilling new British guitar music, they also have amongst their ranks, a DJ (second guitarist Luca), an actor and star of various independent films (vocalist Phill) and a notable re-mixer and producer (bassist Martin). A band, one might say, of many talents then.

Kitsune & Cazals on their situation and their album:

"Cazals are signed to French record label Kitsune. It is an electronic music label, home to Digitalism, Simian Mobile Disco, Crystal Castles and other such forward thinkers. You may know them from their excellent Maison compilations or for releasing vinyl only singles by Klaxons, Foals and Late of The Pier. They are not normally interested in guitar bands (especially those with retrogressive tendencies), but they made an exception for Cazals. This is significant.

“Basically they heard our track ‘Poor Innocent Boys’, and put it on their Maison 2 compilation,” says Daniel (It’s worth pointing out here that the bouncing, razor-sharp, handclap-assisted rhythms of said former single resided on this record between a Boyz Noise remix and a track by Azzido Da Bass). “They were ringing us up to ask what label we were on, and we were like, ‘Erm, none!”
“They’ve been amazing for us,” enthuses Phil. “It’s not a huge label, so they haven’t got a huge amount of money, but they had no problems with us taking our time to make sure the album was perfect. Perfect as far as we were concerned, and them.”

The investment of time by both band and label has paid off massively. One only has to listen to the first minute of ‘What Of Our Future?’s opener ‘New Boy In Town’ to realise it is a record of tremendous depth. There are spiky guitars, a rasping vocal and an unforgettable melody, for certain, but there are subtle textures here, too – at points you’d be forgiven for thinking Daft Punk were recording in the next room. ‘To Cut A Long Story Short’ continues in this vein, and by the time the breakdown in the middle of the synthline led ‘Somebody Somewhere’ arrives, it’s anybody’s as to which instrument is making which noise.

“We spent a long time on the arrangements,” Daniel continues. “We’re not one of those bands who just bash out a song.” It shows. ‘A Big Mistake’ is driven by lo-fi electronic drum loops; ‘We’re Just The Same’ a gorgeous, half-paced pop song that exhibits the French influence that has seeped into Cazals’ music; ‘Comfortable Silence’, meanwhile, is – frankly – bonkers experimentalism, the likes of which few British guitar bands would dare even attempt. Even in the more conventional moments here – the frenetic ‘Life Is Boring’, the aforementioned ‘Poor Innocent Boys’ – are awash with layer upon layer of unconventional noise. And then there’s closer ‘Time Of Our Lives’ – a song that begins its life as a genuine, piano-led weepy, then builds and builds into a waltzing mini-epic. For all the musical adventure that precedes it, it’s, y’know, moving. “That’s another thing which is important,” points out Phil, “Every song on the record is a true fucking story.”

So no, not Shoreditch trendies. Not fashonistas. Just one of the most forward thinking British guitar bands in Britain today."

Myself, i'd have to agree, they do make fantastic, forward thinking guitar music for anyone who's into, well, guitar music. However, they're on of those bands that have the depth of knowledge and the ability to transcend genre and appeal to to fans of many genres, such as notable acts such as Klaxons (who kitsune also picked up and released early singles by a long time ago) who are, arguably the band of the year in terms of success story and in terms of their fantastic, Mercury Music Award winning album, Myths Of The Near Future. Any fan of said band, or new acts (also picked up by Kitsune and mentioned earlier) such as The Whip or Late of the Pier would be churlish not to investigate the talent of Cazals.

Cazals - To Cut A Long Story Short (Xtopher Mix)

You can also check out the video to new single, To Cut A Long Story Short here:

Cazals - To Cut A Long Story Short (Video)

To finish, i think a few deatials of their upocoming schedule and release dates, so you know exactly when to get involved!

06 Dec 07 Kobe World Memorial Hall supporting Daft Punk Kobe
08 Dec 07 Makuhari Messe Event Hall supporting Daft Punk Tokyo
09 Dec 07 Makuhari Messe Event Hall supporting Daft Punk Tokyo

Upcoming releases (only in UK) :
'To Cut A Long Story Short' - Dec 17th 2007
' Life Is Boring' - March 3 rd 2008
' What Of Our Future' (album) March 17th 2008

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